Brutal technical death metal
Past members
Trey Warner
Chuck Lawrence
Peter Jefferson

Sinner is an Americal brutal technical death metal band. They are known for their advenced technical abilities and violent lyrics. They are signed to Failure To Launch Records.


Sinner was founded in 2004 by John Orville (guitar), Chuck Lawrence (guitar, vocals), Christian Blackfold (drums) and Damon Finster (vocals). Soon after the formation Trey Warner joined them as bassist. He quickly left and Chuck switched to bass, while Damon took over vocals. With this line-up they recorded their first demo Rapist Of The Damned.

SweetDreams, first succes and ViolenceEdit

The band's underground succes quickly drew the attention of D.D. Dreamer of Skeleton Man. The band was signed to SweetDreams and released 4 singles and 1 full-length album Violence The album was a succes in death metal land. After a short tour, when the band was about to start working on their second full-length, SweetDreams suddenly collapsed.

Failure To Launch, Abattior Of Anarchism and member lossesEdit

The band was picked up by Failure To Launch Records and released Subcranial Hemorrhage, which proved to be their most succesfull single ever. After a tour, guitarist Peter Jefferson announced his parting with the band, saying that he wanted to expand his horizons. After a long search, with guitarists from a few other bands substituing for Peter, the band found a new guitarist in Owen J. Franklin, formerly of the local New York heavy metal band Heaven's Blessing. After a short intoduction tour, Sinner hit the studio's for the third time.

The Bloodworks have startedEdit

They first released the single Under The Dying Skies, that showed a softer lyrical side of the band. After 3 months, Bloodworks was released. The album was more mature, and has less gory, violent lyrics then it's two precessors. Afterwards, the band played at the Aftermath festival and announced the release of a new single, Ten Thousand Tortures.
As off September, that band have announced to be working at their fourth album. According to John, the album will be their most experimental one, even containing some clean vocals. The first single of the album, entitled ...Of Graves And Corpses, was released at 10/05/2008 and was called Bloodlust. The single was a return to the roots of the band.


Past membersEdit

  • Trey Warner - Bass
  • Chuck Lawrence - Guitars, vocals
  • Peter Jefferson - Guitars




  • Dissected Alive - 2007
  • Ribcage Pierced - 2007
  • Razorblade Penetration - 2007
  • Go Into The Fire - 2008
  • Subcranial Hemorrhage - 2008
  • Under The Dying Skies - 2008
  • Ten Thousand Tortures - 2008

Band Members : Damon Finster | John Orville | Owen J. Franklin | Paul Brown | Christian Blackfold
Albums : Violence | Abattior Of Anarchism | Bloodworks
Singles : Dissected Alive | Ribcage Pierced | Razorblade Penetration | Go Into The Fire | Subcranial Hemorrhage | Under The Dying Skies | Ten Thousand Tortures

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