Band Name
Jack Barrett- Composition/Acoustics
Rick Fisher- Composition
Paul Smith- Percussion
Adam Jones-Strings
David Crowley- Programming/Samples
Tomi Kosari- Keys
Roland Meilland- Champman Stick
Penny Tomkins- Vocals
Kate Donnelly- Vocals
United Kingdom
Progressive Instrumental
Years Active
2008 - present

Sisyphean is a side project begun by Rick Fisher and Jack Barrett of The Black Gates. It is an instrumental project, which explores The Black Gates instrumental components and features reworkings of colloborations with Harry Lathien from parts of The Sorrowful Mystery studio sessions.

About the ProjectEdit

The name of the project is taken from tales from the Greek Underworld and in relation to Sisyphus, a tortured individual who is punished by the Greek Gods and forced to move a heavy rock uphill, only for it to fall back down as he neared the summit for the rest of his existence. The release Struggle With Life deals exclusively with this and is derived from literature by French philosopher Albert Camus, who dealed with the subject and related it to the modern era. The common theme is 'absurdity' and life, releazing the absurdity of our existence and coming to grips with it and therefore acheiving a personal freedom not possible unless the individual accepts his predicament. This philosophy took Jack Barrett's interest when he was researching the Greek Underworld, looking for possible themes for their work. Barrett himself has declared he does not follow such thinking but was enthralled by the centuries old tales relation to everday life.

Struggle With Life was released exclusively in the UK, via Malevolent Creations. Rick Fisher is currently working towards having a world wide release, however its expected only to be in the form of a three track release. The album has received plenty of positive reveiws and a few negative ones criticizing it for its 'pompous nature' but Fisher and Barrett make no apologies for their work and beleive that such people have no capacity to understand or imagine. They beleive that once people can get past the 'weighty subject' then the listener can fully appreciate what they are trying to acheive.

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