Skank-A-Licious Records
Type International Private company
Founded September 18, 2006
Founder Daphne Aguilera
Headquarters New York City, USA
No. of locations 3
Area served Worldwide
Key people Daphne Aguilera, CEO
Bo Bob Bobby, representative
June Mushroom, Publicist (2006)
CoCo Marine, accountancy
Industry Music industry
Products CDs, DVDs, Merchandise, Other
No. of Employees 56
Subsidiaries Seapoint Management
Divisions Level 2 Promotions
Slut-O-Rama Films

Skank-A-Licious Records is a music label founded by pop star Daphne Aguilera in 2006. She decided to start her own label after feeling ignored by her previous label, Dolores Hamilton Records. As of 2008, Daphne is the only artist sing and has used this label to exclusively record her music. She has a distribution deal with Metamorphosis Records



Daphne Aguilera


Paris Zanderlight
The Kid
Lizzie Crunch
Jack Tripper Wardrobe
Emma Blunt



Skanky Love! Vol 2
Butterfly - Paris Zanderlight Album
Skanky Love! Vol 1


We Go - Paris Zanderlight
Secrets of My Life (Feat. Daphne Aguilera) - Paris Zanderlight
Malibu, Home of the Fierce - Daphne Aguilera
Just 4 You - Jessica
The Rope is Ready - Lizzie Crunch
Justify Anger - Paris Zanderlight
Mullets and Speedboats- Hip-Hop Mix (Featuring DJ Biggie Bastard Of The Underground) - Jack Tripper's Wardrobe
Moon Child - Daphne Aguilera

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