Smash Your Head


February 1st, 2008
January 2008, The Dorc
Tony Visconti

"Smash Your Head" was the first single off the album Revolutionary Breakdown, released by Argentinian band Rest in Peace.

After it was released, it received a lot of media and radio attention. It was featured on MTV's Top 10 during a couple of weeks. It charted at #6 in UK charts and #5 in South America. The single sold-out quickly, and it sold almost 1,780,000 copies worldwide. At the last IMAs ceremony, it was nominated as Best Single, though the award went for My Freaky Valentine's "Signal the Stars".

One of the featured b-sides, the cover of The Beatles song "Penny Lane" was the first ska-punk song the band recorded. The other b-side, a live version of "Imperio", was recorded during a Rest in Peace gig in Madrid in their Stolen Tour '07.

Music videoEdit

The video shows images of a guy ("Anarchist Child") running from the police, fighting with his friends, having sex with his girlfriend and doing anarchist paintings on the walls, alternated with images from the band playing on a roof from a high building, with the sky clouded.

Track listingEdit

Lyrics written by Eduardo Savino, music by Rest in Peace (except where noted).

  1. "Smash Your Head" - 3:30
  2. "Penny Lane" (Lennon/McCartney) - 1:42
  3. "Imperio (live)" - 5:21


Region Peak Position
UK #6
USA #12
Canada #21
Aus & NZ #28
South America #5
Asia #25
Europe #46
World #14

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