Sons Of The Reich
Madrid, Spain
Brutal Death Metal
Crust Punk
Years active
2008 - present
James Goatraper
Alonso "Piggy"
Associated Acts

Sons Of The Reich is a grindcore band from Madrid, Spain and a sideproject of two Infernal Tribute members.



The band was formed by Miguel and Jesus accidently one day to just have some fun and rest from the technical work of Infernal Tribute as Jesus himself stated. In August 2008 they released a demo called Anus Of Satanus that contains 3 songs and lasts about 5 minutes. It got some positive reviews from European zines but most zines didn't even review it cause "it's total homophobic, rasictic crap" as most stated. But after a few weeks they got a contract signed with Shiny Metal Ass Records. Through which they immidiatly released a split with fellow labelmates The Infidels called Every Time You Masturbate, God Kills an African Orphan. Soon after they made a gig in the famous Dirty Bastard Inn with The Infidels to present their split. The gig went on chaotically which ended with a fire and riot in the hall but after some time it was calmed. Their official site states that their debut album will appear somewhere in the end of autumn.



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