Spastic Flower


Band name
Spastic Flower
October 2005
Current members
Epicus Recordus
Lead Guitar

Spastic Flower Edit

Spastic Flower are a four-piece Emo/Metal band from in and around East Hertfordshire in late 2005. Throughout the past three years, Spastic Flower have enjoyed massive popularity around the world and have released 13 albums and 62 singles (including a number one album), with record sales totaling at over 120,000,000 sales. Spastic Flower are also noted as being one of the richest bands around with £-2,140,516,591! (WHICH NEEDS TO BE FIXED MR ZIGIRE). Spastic Flower are currently taking a break from touring.

Early Days Edit

Spastic Flower formed during their last year of school. At first, the band's line up consisted of 3 members, Ali, Jason and Colin who played instrumental covers in their search for a singer. Kevin, was a friend of the band and by November 2005, was asked to sing for the band. Kevin accepted and the band moved on. The band decided to start playing Metal in a very exaggerated way, which led to them being labelled as a joke band at first. The band decided on the name Spastic Flower after months of deliberation.
In December 2005, Spastic Flower released their first album "Your face f*cking disgusts me I hope a f*cking bear sh*ts on it." which critics called the worst album ever. Global sales amounted to just over 400,000 but Spastic Flower had arrived on the scene

Time for change Edit

After the release of their 4th album, Happy decided that he wanted Spastic Flower to be taken more seriously and that the band should change to a more serious style. However, the rest of the band did not agree, and in late 2006, the band deserted Happy.
It did not take long for Happy to find replacements, however, and after 2 months Spastic Flower's line-up was complete again, this time as a 5-piece. This time the band consisted of Happy on lead guitar, Ollie on rhythm guitars, Chris on drums, Jake on bass and Ramtin on vocals. The band rushed to get Spastic Flower's 5th album "hacksaw" out.
The album received mainly positive reviews and amassed sales of over 2,500,000 copies.

The end of an era Edit

After the release of "True Confessions", Spastic Flower's 10th album, the band embarked on the "Confessions" tour. This was the band's largest tour which spanned the world and would take 4 months to complete. However, there was growing tension in the band as Ollie and Chris argued with the rest of the band. This argument came to a head during a gig in Brazil where Chris walked off the stage halfway through the set after Happy had insulted him over the microphone. After the gig, there was a fight backstage which ended up in the whole band being arrested. The tour was cut short only one month in and Chris and Ollie were fired.
After 2 months doing nothing, Happy invited the original members back to Spastic Flower. However, Ali and Kev refused and their positions were filled by Ramtin and Jake.

The new Spastic Flower Edit

After Colin re-united with the band, Spastic Flower quit their record label so that they could set up their own, Epicus Recordus. Through this label Spastic Flower released their greatest album to date "This is an album" The album was greatly received and reached number one in the Worldwide charts, with global sales of over 4,500,000.
After this, Spastic Flower embarked on the "confessions pt II" tour, which was the same as the original "Confessions" tour, but this time it was seen through to the end.
Spastic Flower then went on to release 2 more albums and a new Album is currently being written, due to be released late spring/early summer.

Band Members Edit

These are the current band members of Spastic flower:
Happy aka Jevgenji Hershplinikov - Happy is one of the original members of Spastic Flower and is the only member to have been in Spastic Flower constantly. He has won 3 awards for his work with Spastic Flower and is well educated in Music.
Happy's equipment includes an Ibanez RG, a 7 String Ibanez, a Jackson RRV, An ESP Explorer, A Fender Strat with scalloped frets and a Fender Acoustic. Happy uses Marshall amps, Ashton picks and Planet Waves cables.

Ramtin aka Martin Plank - Ramtin is the second vocalist for Spastic Flower and is renowned for his high range and clean vocals. Ramtin is known for an embarrassing at a gig in North America where he tried to sleep with a 12 year old fan unknowingly. This led to his arrest and perpetual mockery from the band and fans alike. He was later released uncharged.

Jake aka Jake Power - Jake is the second bassist for Spastic Flower and is responsible for a lot of the band's lyrics. Jake is known as the crier among fans as his lyrics almost always are on the subject of failed relationships. Jake uses a 4 and 5 string Peavey, Ashdown amps and planet waves cables.

Colin aka Colin Taylor - Colin is one of the original members of Spastic Flower. Colin came back to replace Chris after he was fired for brawling with the rest of the band. Colin has won awards for his brilliant drumming. he uses a ddrum kit.

Previous Members Edit

Ali aka Alistair Apache - Alistair was one of the founding members of Spastic Flower. He played a 4 String BC Rich Warlock whilst in the band. Ali left due to creative differences. Ali turned down the invitation to rejoin Spastic Flower, instead forming his own band Spelling Error. He is on friendly terms with the band

Kev aka Kevin Fox - Kevin was the original vocalist for Spastic Flower. He was well known for his growls and clean vocals. Kev left due to creative differences and is now an architect. Kevin turned down an invitation to rejoin Spastic Flower although he is still very close to the band

Ollie aka Ollie Pyke - Ollie Pyke was brought in the band after Kev, Ali and Colin left. Ollie complained that he didn't have enough input into the bands songs which caused a rift between him and the rest of the band. He was fired after starting a fight backstage. Ollie is know a DJ.

Chris aka Chris Wool - Chris Wool was the replacement for Colin. Chris complained that the band never played any of his songs which caused arguments. Chris was fired after brawling backstage. Chris now drums in a rival band.

Paul aka Paul Velvet - Paul was hired to play Happy's guitar parts during the last 2 weeks of the "Confessions pt. II" tour after Happy broke his left arm. Paul is a great friend of the band and runs a successful IT business.

Guest Musicians Edit

Spastic Flower have worked with many guest musicians including:

Rou Reynolds - Rou laid down the synth and some vocals on Spastic Flower's cover of "Enter Shikari" as well as synth and vocals on "Gay Club"

Paul Gilbert - Paul laid down a solo on "Captain Shred"

Dream Theater - The whole of Dream Theater appeared on the single "The Raids" this was said to be a dream come true for Happy who quoted "I ALMOST WET MYSELF"

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