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Spice Magazine is a magazine created by Spice Records owners GirlSpice and issues are published monthly. The Magazine focuses on music, gossip and reviews. The magazine is scheduled to end after it's third issue and may return for a fourth sometime near Christmas or 2009.

Issue ReleasesEdit

First Issue Release: June 21st 2008
Second Issue Release: July 23rd 2008
Third Issue Release: August 25th 2008


Spice Magazine so far had the opportunity to interview fAthOm, The Spitfires, Aftershock, Averex and Rebel Uprising.


So far the public have given positive reviews with some saying:

"Very nice work indeed, cheers for the interview and CD feature!" - Syke from fAthOm

"Great issue looking forward to the next already, keep it up!" - Averex

"Great first issue! Congrats." - Mike Alche from Rest In Peace

"Man I need to get another one because I wore out the first one I got from reading it so much" - Ryan from Rathoria

"A Magazine I would much love to work with in the near future" -Elle fame

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