Stephanie Fierce: The Past, The Present and The Future of Pop
Studio album by Stephanie Fierce
Released February 1, 2008
Recorded New York
Genre Fierce-Pop/R&B
Producer Tony Visconti

Stephanie Fierce: The Past, The Present and The Future of Pop is the name of the debut album from American pop singer-songwriter Stephanie Fierce. The album was first released in the US alone January 1, 2008. The album was then re-released worldwide September 1, 2009.

Writing & RecordingEdit

Both Writing and the recording process of the album took only 1 month for the first release.

Release & ReceptionEdit

The album received mixed reviews.

Track ListingEdit

# TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Hot Shot feat. the Rockers"  Stephanie Fierce Johnny Johnson 4:44
2. "Pop World"  Ryan Tedder, Terius Youngdell Nash 3:42
3. "Star Dust"  Ryan Tedder 3:12
4. "It's Over Now"  Kathy Mason 4:03
5. "Dirty Undercover feat. NuttycaT"  Stephanie Fierce 3:48
6. "Where I Belong"  Stephanie Fierce 4:23
7. "Shine"  Sean Garret, Terius Youngdell Nash 3:46
8. "Face To Face"  Christopher, Terius Youngdell Nash 3:59
9. "Somebody's Watching Me"  Rockwell 4:10
10. "Toy Soldier"  Stephanie Fierce 3:35
11. "Electric Club"  Stephanie Fierce 4:02
12. "Attention Grabber"  Stephanie Fierce 4:49
13. "No Tempo"  Stephanie Fierce Terius Youngdell Nash 3:50

Chart PositionsEdit

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