Street Dreams
Origin Manhattan, New York
Genre(s) Alternative Rock, Rock
Years active 2009 - present
Label(s) Climax Records, Junction Records
Associated acts 4th Street Band, The Junction
Lauren Grogan, Scott Davidson, Mark Robbins, Dave Stocks

Street Dreams are a rock band from Manhattan, New York fronted by female vocalist Lauren Grogan. Formed in 2009 by Lauren Grogan and close friend and guitar player Scott Davidson they both recruited two new members in Mark Robbins who's a bass guitarist and Dave Stocks who plays the drums. The band we're signed by Climax records on August 3rd 2009 and announced that they will be looking to gain a fanbase before they start to release records and singles.


Formation & Early Years (2009 - present)Edit

The band was formed in February 2009 by Lauren Grogan who had spent the previous year looking for a band. On August 3rd 2009 they we're signed by Climax Records and were offered the chance and agreed to support The Mercenaries on the north american leg of their 2009 tour. They have spoken of a close friendship with fellow New York based rock bands 4th Street Band and The Junction and in a recent interview Lauren Grogan said that she is a really close friend of Max Armstrong the lead singer of The Junction this led to speculation that the two had been involved in a relationship in the past but was later denied by both parties representatives. They announced that their going to start work on their debut album in early September and hope to release the album at some time in November, they also said that the name of their debut album will be Street Dreaming. They we're also asked to support The Junction on their North American 1st Leg of their Heartbreaks & Outtakes Tour.


They are influenced by many Rock bands of the 80's and have a close friendship with The Junction and 4th Street Band whome they include as influences.




Singles & EP'sEdit

Other ReleasesEdit

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