The Beginning Edit

When 4 friends got together to form a band they formed Suicide Party. Murder, Jackoff, Sicko, & Jail Bait were friends from high school who decided to form a band. Suicide Party is a new band which started in 2008. It was formed in New York City as a joke band to offend people, After putting out some demos they got signed to Shiny Metal Ass Records. Knife Fights Are More Fun When In The Dark was poorly put together. After they signed with Shiny Metal Ass Records They Released Don't Fuck With Bob Ross You Cock Licks!The KKK Are Black People Trying To Be White&MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!( Feat Nigel Beth) Which all charted shitty. Shortly after Murder decided to take the band seriously. This didn't go well with the rest of the band, So after releasing 3 singles all the members but Murder left. Time went by while Murder emailed people to help with the band. No one took him seriously until one day when a guy named Bobby Zombie contacted him and told him that we wanted to work with Murder.

The New Suicide Party Edit

Suicide Party Is back after taking a break, the members all got sober and started recording as a band again. They are in the studio recording songs for a new album.

Members Edit

Murder: Vocals
Marilyn Suicide:Guitar
Ashley Suicide: Guitar
Ava Suicide: Drums
Robert Homicide: Bass

Former Members Edit

Bobby Zombie: Guitar
Paris: Bass
Katie Zombie - Guitar

Albums Edit

Free Abortions And Sex Changes From Ray Charles(2008)
Knife Fights Are More Fun When In The Dark(2008)
Is Dead.....(2008)
The Lost & The Damned(2009)
Suicide Party Music(2009)
Cock Tease EP (2010)
Cock Blocked By A Cock Tease(2010)
Drugs, Drugs, Drugs, We Fucking Love Drugs TBA
Carving The Eyes Out Of Amy TBA
Sick Fuckin Music(Pt 1) TBA

EPS Edit

Cock Tease EP (2010)

Singles Edit

Don't Fuck With Bob Ross, You Cock Licks!(2007)
The KKK Are Black People Trying To Be White(2007)
MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!( Feat Nigel Beth)(2008)
This World Smells LIke Skanky Ass POPSTARS(2008)
I Kept Killing Pop Stars One By One Till One Of Them Decided To Use A Brain Cell To Say Mercy(Feat.Cris & Mike Of Babyteeth(2008)
The Jim Jones Fetish(2009)
The Sick Mindfuck Of USA(2010)
I Fucked Jessica _______ & Got Crabs(2010)

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