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Information Edit

The first album that all members of Suicide Party are sober. They will be releasing the first single soon, The album is half way done and should be completed by november 2009.

Track Listing Edit

1. The Man Is a PIG
2. Happy The Clown Is Suicidal
3. Silly Lesbian Dicks Are For Chicks
4. Chucky Cheese Is The Best Place To Pick Up A Milf
5. Billy Mays Was A Coke Fiend
6. Who's Leg Do You Have To Hump To Get A Dry Martini?
7. My Wife & Girlfriend Can Beat Up Your Wife
8. Budweiser: The Redneck Of Beers
9. 2x2-4 = Tom Cruise is gay
10.And The Douche Said "I'm sorry, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time,"

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