Super Highway Techno Buddha
Zwolle and Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Progressive Psychedelic Stoner Metal (Progpsych Stoner)
Years active
2007 - present
Leon van de Looy: Vocals/Guitaar
Johan des Keizers: Guitar
Simon Schuitema: Drums
Aaron Roodesteyn: Bass guitar
Ex Members
Iris Nagelmaker
Cindy Nagelmaker
Space Invaders Initiating Plan 9
Rated B for Buddha
Associated acts:
The Crazy Satsumas, Dreamscapes, Axotalic

Super Highway Techno Buddha is a progressive and psychedelic stoner metal band, based in Zwolle and Amsterdam, the Netherlands and are known for their outspoken opinions on the music industry, as well as their psychedelic style of stoner metal.

Early yearsEdit

The foundation on which Super Highway Techno Buddha was build are old. Johan des Keizers and Leon van de Looy were already known in the Dutch underground for their hardcore one-off 'Integration, Assimilation, Extermination', an album that parallels society's ignorance to other cultures, and their work as session and touring musicians. After jamming together in Johan's appartment in Zwolle, the two decided to form a band. Drummer Simon Schuitema, who had joined them in a previous one-off called The Sex, The Drugs and the Overkill, joined them on drums while Iris and Cindy Nagelmaker were brought in to play on bass and keyboard respectively.

Mega Cow and Mighty Goat EP / Space Invaders Inititating Plan 9Edit

After initial jamming and playing for squatters, the band released the Mega Cow and Mighty Goat EP, which sold over 17.000 times, with sales spread throughout Europe. It was not a great success, by anyone's standards, but the band got signed to Negative Records nevertheless, and quickly moved into the studios to work on their debut album.

The album, which only spawned the radio-only single Mellow Minded Mega Jam, was released on Negative Records and managed to sell just over 100 thousand copies. The band toured Europe in support for the album, even though the last leg of the tour was cancelled due to family circumstances.

City Sessions and other eventsEdit

After the release of 'Space Invaders Initiating Plan 9' the band went through a number of events that helped shape it. Iris and Cindy Nagelmaker left te band to pursue their own project Dreamscapes, Simon's brother died in a car accident and Simon and Leon hosted the so-called 'City Sessions'. The band also did a split-ep with The Crazy Satsumas and worked with Axotalic before that band's hiatus. Bassist, friend and former bandmember of The Sex, The Drugs and the Overkill joined the band to play bass, making Super Highway Techno Buddha a continuation of that older band.

Rated B for Buddha and future plansEdit

The band's follow up to Space Invaders Initiating Plan 9, called Rated B for Buddha was released recently and has sold over 73 thousand copies as of this writing. Musicians from Attack The System, Pilot and archaic couture. have contributed to the album.

The band will soon embark on a full European tour and, according to a recent interview, a U.K. tour has also been planned.

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