Tales From The Wicked
Casting Thin Shadows
05/20/07 - 05/27/07
Goth Rock
Death Metal
Progressive rock
Self Realesed

Tales From The Wicked is the sophomore album by Goth band Casting Thin Shadows. Like their debut album, Tales from the Wicked was also self-realesed. TFTW was a concept album about war and how the world is gonna end. This album marks the band going into a darker phase then any of their other albums until their darkest one to date which is now Whispers. This album was the last album that had a metal sound in the music.

With this album, Casting Thin Shadows gained alot of attention with the concept idea from everyone and this album even landed them a deal with either Midnight/Mythic or Eventual. CTS picked Eventual.

Two singles were realesed in support of this album. Vietnam and Pigsty.


This album is regarded by most reviewers, media, fans, etc., as the bands darkest phase.

The album is also regarded as a lyrical masterpiece.


The album was recorded in a haunted house in Virgina.

Track listingEdit

All tracks written by Casting Thin Shadows. Lyrics by Regan Futrell.

1 Down In The Valley
2 Apocalipse Now
3 Communists
4 Is It Any Wonder Why We Can't Sleep?
5 Peace, Love, and Harmony
6 Slavery
7 Murderor
8 Vietnam
9 Pigsty
10 And One Nation Over God....

Peak positionsEdit

Region Peak Position Sales Total
USA #304 212,901
World #730 212,901


Additional personnelEdit

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