Tasinho destroyed after the festival


The older of the two greatest twin guitarists in the world.

A genius that only live one in a million years. The only one that is near him, his younger brother DaRKeR, now is making team up with Tasinho. The new Tensodio's future is greater than ever.


->Birthplace: Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
->Birthdate: 20th December 1983

Music LifeEdit

Tasinho started playing guitar and singing in 2006, but he discovered a great potential and a fast developement of his habilities. One year later, he founded his first and only important band: Tensodio.

The only handicap was the fight with his younger brother.

One year later of Tensodio's foundation, DaRKeR returned with Tasinho, and now they are getting better than ever.


Tasinho has been member of:

Tensodio (2007-?)

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