Tensodio's Profile


Band Name
Band Members
Tasinho (Singer & Lead Guitar)
Psycho (Bass & Chorus)
DaRKeR (Rhythm Guitar & Chorus)
The Demon (Drums)
Aleia Martins (Keyboards & Female Singer)
Mathew Matteheïdden (Violin)
Xia Thurna (Percussion & Female Chorus)
Former Members
Timmy Jimmy (Ex-Guitar)
Enjuto (ExSomething)
Becario (ExBeerMan)
Label(s) Info
Unlabeled (2007-2008)
Deep Special Records (2008-?)
Discography & Tours
Official Fan Group

A little piece of TensodioEdit

Tensodio, an alternative rock band born from the ashes of hatred and tension, was created the 20th of July 2007 in Barcelona (Spain). Leading the music to a new dimension and fighting for a place in the most reliable bands of the history.

The name of the band comes for the words Tensión & Odio (Tension & Hatred in Spanish) and it's because the competition with another band, named Mucha Rebentación and leaded by the little twin brother of Tasinho, the brain moving Tensodio.

With a small amount of money, or not, and big illusions, or not, Tensodio is moving to the Top. Search for us in the future.

Tensodio's HistoryEdit

The history of Tensodio, the way from nothing to everything. All the steps that a group of people made to become the most successful bands in the world and in the history of music.

Foundation of TensodioEdit

The foundation of Tensodio is a small story of hatred, traitors, fighting, blood and, of course, music.

Was the year 2007 of our era when in a small village near Barcelona, two brothers were playing Guitar Hero... letting their hands spill out blood in an epic battle to see who's better in Expert Mode. The evening time seems stopped, and then, four hours after, Tasinho wins. His younger brother screams letting out all the tension he got,... but the seed of hatred has grown in him. The discussion continues and they broke all their common live, includding the band they had, the band that was the Tensodio's core some weeks after.

Tensodio, as you know, was formed 20th of July 2007 by:

Tasinho (Singer & Lead Guitar)

Psycho (Bass)

Timmy Jimmy (Rhythm Guitar)

The Demon (Drums)

The added Timmy Jimmy was in the place of Tasinho's younger brother: DaRKeR, that founded another band: Mucha Rebentación.

1st Age: The Start of a LegendEdit

20/07/2007 ~ 09/08/2008

The beginings of the greatest rock band of all the history were more successful than anyone could think.

With the first European Summer 2007 Tour, Tensodio gone in a rush of fame that made them be known in the whole world. They were confirmed as one of the most futurible bands in the Winter World Route 2K7 Tour when they landed in Asia, Australia & South America and they conquer of the world were complete.

Their most valuable albums in this time were The Start of a Legend and the superhit Dreaming Bloodbath Scenes.

More details on Tensodio's 1st Age Discography.

During the Winter World Route 2K7 Tour, we added two new members to our court: Enjuto, "a multifunction slave", and Becario, the man who gives beer to us. They made some scenes during concerts too.

During this age, the official group of fans were created. We named itself The Tenses, and it grow easily to 500.000 members.

The end of this 1st Age was marked with the last single Forget All You've Seen launched on 09/08/2008 and shows a preview of the new age newcomming with DaRKeR aboard after the enjailment of Timmy Jimmy and a more mature sense of music.

2nd Age: The Tensodio's World DominationEdit

10/08/2008 ~ ¿?

The 2nd Age it's been shown as a change in Tensodio's path:

The police imprisoned Timmy Jimmy and the lost brother DaRKeR came again to make the guitars become one of the most valuable guitar pair in the world. Tensodio's members Enjuto and Becario were dismissed too.

The official fans get over 2 Million members in The Tenses.

The distribution of the members by the world zones are the next:

World members of The Tenses: 2.133.000 Members

Europe: 650.000 members
UK: 125.000 members
USA: 550.000 members
Canada: 575.000 members
South America: 75.000 members
Asia: 123.000 members
Australia & New Zealand: 35.000 members

Another things like vacations after a whole explosion of touring and studios helped to the change of thinking in the core of the band. New styles like punk and heavy metal to fusion with the Hard Alternative Rock of Tensodio made the band to choice a new way of doing things. After some trials we found some valuable new musicians and the band memebers grown again. Old members getting new other functions into the group, we are now more powerful into our music.

Tensodio, at the start of the 2nd Age, formed by:

Tasinho (Singer & Lead Guitar)

Psycho (Bass & Chorus)

DaRKeR (Rhythm Guitar & Chorus)

The Demon (Drums)

Aleia Martins (Keyboard & Female Singer)

Mathew Matteheïdden (Violin)

Xia Thurna (Percussion & Female Chorus)

Still are more chapters in Tensodio's history... come in other updates.

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