Band Name
The Beggining
Years Active
2007 - Present
Pop Punk
Band Members
Brandon Grahams - Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Joe Pike - Lead Guitar
Dan Richardson - Bass
Ben Johnson - Drums
"Just Like In the Movies" - Feb 2008
Exeter, Devon, UK
Feb 2008 - Corporate Punishment Records


The Beggining are a fast catchy pop punk band from Exeter, Devon. They were formed in 2007 and since then have been working their way up the UK music scene. Their first release was a single called 'Fire at Will'. With this single they had their first minor sucess.

In February 2008 they released their second single 'Devil on my Shoulder'. This track was a radio friendly burst of pop punk which got them much more recognized throughout the UK.

In February 2008 they released their debut album "Just Like In the Movies..", and also held a show at The Exeter Lemon Grove (their hometown) to celebrate its release


The Beginning plan to release a new album on the 15th March 2008, called Lights! Carnage! Action!.

This album has been described as:

"Catchy pop punk melodies, dipped in fast guitar lines, and topped off with New Found Glory-esque lyrics" -KERRANG!

" original release from an Exeter band. This record is traditional, and new, straying a little, but staying true to its roots" -Rocksound Magazine

"A solid release from a band we will be seeing alot more of in the future." -NME

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