The Beginning
The Beginning
Studio album by Personal Democracy
Released 2010
Recorded 4th Street Studio's, New York
Genre Rock, Hard Rock
Length 46.46
Label Junction Records
Producer Tony Visconti, Joshua Perry

'The Beginning' is the title of the debut album from the American Rock band Personal Democracy. The album is expected to be released at some point in 2010 and has had various different title's but the band decided to call the album The Beginning various names rumoured were The Origins Of Destruction and Poison And Blood. Each song on the album will be written by Joshua Perry and on occasional songs there will be guest song writers including Max Armstrong, Lauren Grogan and Lucy Tyrell.

Album InformationEdit

The album release dated has not been confirmed but the band has said that the album is definitely going to be out in 2010. Personal Democracy will be touring the album with their The Big Break Tour which will start in June and end in October. The album will feature artists signed to Junction Records.

Promotion, Release and ReceptionEdit

The band will be touring to promote the album.

Track ListingEdit

# TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "It Ain't Easy (Being Me)"  Joshua Perry, Tyler Jones 4:21
2. "Dark Revenge"  Joshua Perry, Lauren Grogan 6:38
3. "Better Dreams"  Joshua Perry, Lucy Tyrell, Max Armstrong 4:56
4. "Acid Rain"  Joshua Perry 2:45
5. "The First Moment"  Joshua Perry, Max Armstrong 7:23
6. "Back In The Warzone"  Joshua Perry 4:34
7. "Life & Death (I Know Which I'd Prefer)"  Joshua Perry 6:02
8. "Seig Heil"  Joshua Perry 3:00
9. "Tales Of The Damned"  Joshua Perry, Lauren Grogan 8:27



Additional MusiciansEdit


Chart HistoryEdit

Chart (2010)[1] Peak
Canadian Albums Chart
Europe Albums Chart
UK Albums Chart
USA Albums Chart
Aus & NZ Albums Chart
South American Albums Chart
Asian Albums Chart
U.S. Billboard 200[2]

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