The Blackbird Massacre
Band name
The Blackbird Massacre
Zero - Vocals

Trent - Guitar

Asia - Bass

Josh - Drums
Rome, Italy
Alternative rock, grunge, industrial
Years active
2009 - present

The Blackbird Massacre is an alternative rock band hailing from Rome, Italy.

Biography Edit

The Blackbird Massacre is an alternative rock/grunge band hailing from Rome, Italy. The band was formed during the winter of 2008 by Zero and Trent. After writing some acoustic songs, they have decided to search for other members to perform with them. They have found bass player Asia, Zero's girlfriend, and then found drummer Josh, Trent's long time friend.
In 2009 they started to go on tour in local clubs performing some covers from Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam and Placebo and after those shows they decided to set up their headquarters in Zero's home and started to write some songs for their debut self-titled album.

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

Singles and EPs Edit

Band members Edit

  • Zero - Vocals
  • Trent - Guitars
  • Asia - Bass
  • Josh - Drums

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