The Blackbird Massacre
August 10, 2009
Alternative rock

The Blackbird Massacre is the first self-titled album by the italian alternative rock band The Blackbird Massacre. The record has been released in August 2009 and has been described as a great mixture between Nine Inch Nails, Tool and some grunge and post-grunge artists.

The first single, Blackbirds, has been released on August 6, 2009.

Tracklist Edit

# Track title Songwriter(s) Length
1 Fragility of Skin Zero, Trent 3:37
2 Nikita Trent 2:59
3 Fist The Blackbird Massacre 4:51
4 Propaganda Zero, Asia 2:21
5 Oxygen Zero 3:41
6 In Times of Need The Blackbird Massacre 5:24
7 Bite Trent 4:23
8 Nails Zero, Trent 3:01
9 Nicotine The Blackbird Massacre 4:59
10 Blackbirds The Blackbird Massacre 3:31

Singles Edit

Notes Edit

  • The album was recored in its entirety in their headquarters, Zero's home.
  • In the tracks "Fragility of Skin" and "Bite" there is a line in common which says "A million miles away".
  • In the track "Fist" there is a reference to italian crossover band Linea 77. In particular, Zero sings a line which is contained also in the Linea 77's song with the same name, "Tonight I've got a gift for you, here they are, my teeth".

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