The Crucifiction
Casting Thin Shadows
05/1/07 - 05/13/07
Goth Rock
Death Metal
Progressive rock
Self Realesed

The Crucifiction is the debut studio album released by North Carolina Goth Rock-based band Casting Thin Shadows. This album was self realesed and one of the two sent to all the labels out there. This is the only album that Regan didn't co-produce.

With this album, Casting Thin Shadows didn't make quite an impact as they do later on in their careers. The album was only realesed in the USA and only debut at 610 and 912 around the world.

Two singles were realesed in support of this album. The debut single was the 80's inspired Ministry style song called "One Night Stand". The single only deubt 984 in the US and didn't even chart around the world. The single that followed was Doomsday.


This album is regarded, by most of reviewers, media, fans, etc., as the heaviest album by the band.

Lyrically, it was one of Regan's finest lyrics until Nightcrawler and later on with Fate, Faith, Fatality.


The album was recorded in a low budget studio near the Virginia state line in North Carolina.

Track listingEdit

All tracks written by Casting Thin Shadows. Lyrics by Regan Futrell.

1 Doomsday
2 Suicide
3 Charles Manson
4 The Hills Have Eyes
5 El Diablo
6 The Shame In Us All
7 I'd Love To Die...
8 One Night Stand
9 Why?
10 I Wish

Peak positionsEdit

Region Peak Position Sales Total
USA #610 78,140
World #912 78,140


Additional personnelEdit

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