The Electric Experiment is an American based progressive metal band. The band is famous for its unique fusion of jazz, blues, and metal. The band formed in 2002 by Tim Dunn, Ryan Grayl, JMack, and John Redmond. The band has achieved worldwide fame, with 5 albums released and a 6th album currently being recorded.

The Electric Experiment
Current Members
Former Memebers
Progressive Metal
Wight Isle Records (2006)
Aqua Regia Records (2006)
Midnight Records


Early Years and Experimentation ModeEdit

The band formed from friends who met in the Fort Wayne, IN high school jazz festival circuit. All of the original members were in competing bands and they met over their common love fo jazz and metal. They decided to from the band in order to fuse metal and jazz.

The Electric Experiment began to garner interest and really come onto the music scene in early 2006. While preparing to release their debut single, And Then There Were None the band fired then bassist John Redmond. When asked about the circumstances of his firing vocalist and guitarist Tim Dunn said that Redmond was not technically proficient enough to play the band's music and that he envisioned the band going in a different direction. Dunn filled in on bass for the recording of the single.

The band auditioned bass players eventually settling on another member of the jazz festival circuit and friend of Dunn's, Shane Phillips.

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