The Frostbitten Saga


December 25, 2007
Progressive viking metal
Malevolent Creations Records

The Frostbitten Saga is the debut album of the progressive viking metal band Black Forest. The songs "Abode Of Mist" and "Sword Of The Snakes " that are originally found in the demo Myrkviðr were fully redone and rerecorded.


1. Abode Of Mist (5:45)
2. Sword Of The Snakes (5:00)
3. The Eye Of The World (6:34)
4. Graves Of Our Fathers (7:45)
5. Times Of The Plague (5:23)
6. Corpse Gates (3:23)
7. Damned To The Nine Worlds (9:01)
8. Tyrfing (6:12)
9. Remembrance Of The Great Travels (4:06)
10. Fighting For The Throne Of Odin (3:16)

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