The Lost
Genre(s) Punk Rock/Alternative Rock/Psychedelic Rock
Label(s) Machiavellian Records; Molotov Records
Associated acts The Nimrods, The Waiting Room
Ben Alex, Liam O'Mally, Ian Knight, Mike Jenkins

The Lost are a British punk/alternative rock band, born out of boredom. The band have been around only a short while, however have released 2 hit albums and 4 highly succsesful singles. They are praised for their energetic and exciting live shows, in which they give 110%. When asked about the shows, Ben quoted: "Everytime I get on that stage, high or not, I just feel a connection between me and the crowd. That moment. The energy. Its beautiful."

The band have recieved a Birdie for Best Single for their debut single, Clowning Around, and a HTC for their debut album, Lost & Found. However, at the secound Birdie awards, they released their material the day after, and therefore weren't up for any nominations for their releases, however they were nominated for Best Live Act. They have been signed to two labels - Machiavellian, where the band started, however the team at Machiavellian dissapeared and so they jumped over to Molotov Records, owned by good freinds The Prisoners.

The band state Nirvana and Ramones as their soul influence on their music, however other bands such as Stereophonics, The Clash and Foo Fighters , were said to influence them in different ways. An interesting fact is that when Ben writes the lyrics, he writes them whilst high and listening to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata or Rock the Casbah by The Clash. However, in stark contrast, Liam writes their lyrics whilst listening to Lithium by Nirvana or Don't Look Back In Anger by Oasis, whilst sober. The pair also state they often go to Mike's Mums basement when writing, for superstitious reasons.


The Lost come from mainly the south east of england, however Liam O Mally, the bands Bass Guitarest and lead singer on some songs, comes from Ireland. The band are all under 23. Heres their story and the idea for their name:

Ben Alex, the lead singer, grew up in a nice house in the country. His parents were harsh and often beat him up. His only escape was his shed at the end of his field where he would go and sing sometimes. Ben was in the school quoir for a bit, however he was kicked out for his refusal to drop his raspy, rock voice in exchange for a perfectly tuned opera style. Also, he was caught shagging the quoir leader. But anyway, that was his childhood up til he was 16, when he ran away, leaving behind his horrible child hood to go live rough in the city. He was taken into adoption. He was incredibly intelligent, and got to Canturbury Univercity, where he met the lead guitarest and drummer, Ian Knight and Mike Jenkins. They formed a punk trio called The Lads, however they were shit because of Bens vain attempts at playing Bass as wells as singing. Fed up with the pushy school and the oppression from teachers, the three one night went out to get pissed. They ended up shagging prostitutes and doing all sorts of bad things including trashing the main hall in Canturbury Uni.

Kicked out of Canturbury and their homes, they once again retreated to getting drunk in a London pub. However, every member of the trio got lost on their way home. And this is where Liam comes in. Liam, a bright young lad from a simple background, trying to make it big in the city, stumbled apon a drunk Ben. When asking who he was with, Ben replied. "The Lost". Hence the bands name. The two became freinds after Liam took him back to Liams flat, dumping him on the sofa. The other two came in the next morning and they talked about music, which Liam loved. The four then formed the band, there and then - The Lost had been born


Current membersEdit

Ben Alex: Vocals; Piano

Liam O'Mally: Bass Guitar, Vocals

Ian Knight: Lead Guitar

Mike Jenkins: Drums


Demos/Live EP'sEdit

We Came To Cause A Scene (Split E.P w/ The Waiting Room)

Studio albumsEdit

Lost & Found


The Nightmare Handbook

Violence With Violins

Singles Edit

Clowning Around - (Lost & Found)

Cry With You - (Habit)

Money, Money, Greed - (Habit)

Drug's, Sex and Sausage Rolls - (Habit)

Prime Minister (Why, Why, Why) - (Upcoming Single)


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