Track Listing Edit

Side One: The Lost

1. Sunrise Over A Sea Of Blood(Feat. Bobby Zombie)

2. Snorting Tokyo Cocaine And Flying With Red Bull Wings(Feat. Yumi)

3. Mexican Cock Fights Are Pretty Sweet, Tacos And Mexican Beer, I won Someone's Virgin Daughter Which Turned Out To Be George Lopez In Drag(feat. The Infidels!)

4. I Can't Believe Jesse Jackson Got Pissed At Me For Refusing To Work On Black Friday Because I Said It Was Racist, And I'm Not Even Black (Feat.Regan Futrell& Alan Kidd)

5. The Bruised & The Dammed(Feat.Regan Futrell & Alan Kidd)

6. Don't Fuck With..(The Zombie Princess)(Feat.Stephanie Fierce)

7. Suicide Party Are Rumoured To Be A Gang Of Lebanese Cross Dressers Working For the Colombian Cartels Funded by the CIA. Hot Topic Said So, So It Must Be True, After All They Are Beacons of Truth and Justice(feat.Firecracker 47)

8. Jenny Gave Me a Donkeypunch; Now I Have Trouble Shitting(babyteeth)

9. Love Thy Heroin Whores(babyteeth)

10. Squeal Like The Pig You Are.. Reeeeee Reeeeee Reeeeeee(Babyteeth)

11. Fucking Sick Son Of A Fucking Cock Sucking Bitch(Feat.Bobby Zombie)

Side 2: The Damned

1. The KKK Are Black People Trying To Be White

2. Chinese Democracy Won't Ever Come Out.. Thanks Axl

3. Don't Fuck With Bob Ross,You Cock Licks!

4. Fuck The Bob Ross Haters!

5. Bob Ross Will Kick You In The Nuts Asshole!

6. Motherfucker!(Feat. Nigel Beth)

7. Suicide Party Sucks Herpes Infested Cock

8. Dead Fetus Tastes Like Chicken

9. Rumor Has It That Rod Stewart Had A Gallon Of Cum In His Stomach In 1979(New)

10. You Know What Sucks About Long Titles?, When Bands Do Them The Titles Are Better Then The Songs, I Am Not Like Panic At The Disco Or Fall Out Boy, My Titles Suck Ass And My Sucks Are Fucking Cool!(New)

11. Sliptwat Is Not Heavy Metal. I mean Slipknot. What The Fuck Is New metal Anyways? Oh Fuck Nu Metal. Sorry Gay Ass Momma Boys(New)

Side 2 Is Re Recorded Old Songs And Some New Songs Without Any Guest Stars

Personnel Edit

Katie Zombie - Vocals,Guitar
Murder - Vocals
Bobby Zombie - Keys
Paris Suicide - Guitar
Shanessa Homicide - Drums

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