The Necro Codex I: A War Of Opposites
Symphonic Melodic Death Metal
Midnight Records
Recorded at
Tico Tico Studios
Freddy Carlsson and Pauli Schwartz

The Necro Codex I: A War Of Opposites is the seventh album by melodic death metal band Transferium Project. It is a concept album about war, and the first in a series of three. It's the most symphonic album by Transferium Project and features some of their longest songs, some running over 10 minutes.


1. "Preparations For A War Of Epic Proportions" - 12:52
2. "Mirrors Of Tragedy" - 5: 16
3. "The Machine" - 4:51
4. "Breaking Their Lines" - 3:43
5. "A War Of Opposites" - 7:23
6. "Insanity Laughs At You" - 3:12
7. "Under The Divine Wings Of Misery" - 6:42
8. "Secrets Of A Dying Man" - 9:13
9. "Legions Unleashed" - 5:55
10: "Stop Command" - 10:34


Giorgio Galfore - Growled and clean vocals
Freddy Carlsson - Lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Vladimir Ivanevska - Lead and rhythm guitars
Pauli Schwartz - Bass, backing vocals
Alfredo Bandaneros - Keyboards
Anders Svensson - Drums and Percussion

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