The Necro Codex II: In Sickness And Death
Symphonic Melodic Death Metal
Release date
Recorded at
Insanity Studios, Sweden

The Necro Codex II: In Sickness And Death is the seventh album by metal band Transferium Project. It's the second part in their "The Necro Codex" series and is a themed album about death by pestilence. The lyrics range from the feelings, to the road to full heal.
The band totally abandoned clean vocals for the album, giving it a harsher sound then it's precessors.


1. Within The Spreading Darkness - 5:42 (Music: Schwartz, Carlsson, Lyrics: Schwartz, Galfore)
2. Vows Of Revolution - 4:12 (Music: Carlsson, Lyrics: Galfore)
3. The Post-Mortal Syndrome - 4:54 (Music and lyrics: Schwartz, Galfore)
4. No Darkness For Our Souls - 6:01 (Music: Carlsson, Lyrics: Galfore)
5. We Pray For An Eternal Night - 3:00 (Music: Schwartz, Lyrics: Galfore)
6. Start The Exile - 4:36 (Music: Schwartz, Carlsson, Lyrics: Carlsson, Schwartz, Galfore)
7. Plagues And Pestilence - 5:54 (Music: Schwartz, Ivanevska, Lyrics: Carlsson)
8. Don't Leave Me Dying In Silence - 7:16 (Music: Carlsson, Lyrics Schwartz, Bandaneros)
9. At Heaven's Gates - 5:33 - (Music and Lyrics: Galfore, Carlsson, Ivanevska, Svensson, Schwartz, Bandaneros)
10. A Tear Will Show You The End - 10:45 (Music: Schwartz, Carlsson, Bandaneros, Lyrics: Galfore, Schwartz)

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