The Nightside Bikithan Cat Collective
Band Name
The Nightside Bikithan Cat Collective
Mikki Moo - Lead Vocals
Minnie - Guitar & Backing Vocals
James Kairiri - Bass
Dizzy - Drums
Freddy - Keyboard
Coventry & Walsall, UK
Feline Emo, Madcore
Years Active
2008 - Present
MBM 2008
CBM 2008 - Present
Related Artists

The Nightside Bikithan Cat Collective is a new band, the brainchild of Bikitha Bunney and Lewis Mason. The collective is managed by Duchess Katie Kairiri at Cruz-Bishop Management.

They have yet to release anything, but competed in Battle Of The Bands - Tea For Two and are going to perform on the upcoming mX3 tour, and have been nominated twice for Best Unsigned Artist at the IMAs/Birdies. Bassist James Kairiri also works at Cruz-Bishop Management, managing the band Madbirds, and has volunteered to compete in Rockstar Wrestling.

They appear to have two songs written - "Owned" and "I Pulled A Bird", but there may be more. We shall wait and see ....

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