The Paper

The paper

New York, USA
Alternative Rock, Experimental Rock, Garage Rock, Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Punk Rock, Stoner Rock, Garage Punk, Hardcore Punk, Skater Punk, New Wave, Thrashcore
Years Active
2000 - 2004 (as The News)
2005 - present (as The Paper)
Love Me Records 2002 - 2004
Independent 2005 - present
Former Members

The Paper is an Alternative Rock band based in USA. The band was formed in New York in 2000, their line-up consisted of guitarist and lead vocalist Zakk Codt and, his younger brother, drummer Kody Codt


Demo (2000-2002)Edit

In 2000 Zakk Codt, Kody Codt and Jereme Logan united to create musical work. They named their band The News and started playing. With the help of Dylan Logan's home studio The News recorded a demo-album, which released in amount of 26 000 copies. After this they were signed to Love Me Records. After completing their first album, Headline, the band recruited Dylan Logan to help with lead guitar to ease up Codt on stage and on tour. The album's lead single, "Expecting" reached number 228 on the charts in USA. Their second single "Death by Crime or chocolate?" gave the group a hit down slope. In 2002 they recorded a second album, entitled The New News

The News (2003-2004)Edit

After completing their third album, My Equipment part 1, in 2003, they decided to work on improving their skills and songs.

In 2004, Kody Codt died in a car accident while on family vacation, Zakk only had mild injuries. Sebastian Addams joined as the new drummer, the band also changed its name from "The News" to "The Paper". Zakk said "My brother was an exellent brother, and an awesome friend. I will miss him more than I can say.". The Paper went in hiatus.

The Paper (2006-present)Edit

After 2 years in hiatus, Zakk got the band back together and they started to record a new album. The song, "Its the end" is written about Kody's death. During hiatus, Codt had written several songs and once the band "reformed" in 2006, they released the album Rest. It includes "Its the end", "Lodged in the Brain", "Revenge", "Adam and Eve"

On October 8th in 2008 they said that a few of their songs had been Remixed by Jason Brann.

Eight Studio AlbumEdit

The band is currently in the process of writing and recording a new album, which is to be released in 2008. As of October, no other information about the album is known.

Band membersEdit

Former band membersEdit


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