The Prisoners
Fat Chance - Vocals, guitar
St. Jimmy - Drums
Favorite Son - Guitar, backing vocals
Extraordinary Girl - Bass
London, England
Punk Rock
Hardcore Punk
Political Punk
Years Active
2007 - present
Asphalt Records (2007 - 2008)
Failure to Launch Records (2008)
Molotov Records (2009)
Previous Members
Andy Baker - Vocals, guitar
Haushinka - Bass
Whatsername - Additional Instruments

The Prisoners are a punk band from London, England. Their lyrical content includes very political lyrics. The band is formed by Fat Chance as vocalist and second guitar player, Extraordinary Girl as bass player, Favorite Son as lead guitar player and St. Jimmy as drummer.
Their main musical influences are Dead Kennedys, The Clash, The Adicts, Sex Pistols and Bad Religion.

History Edit

It all begins in 1996 when a 14 years old boy called Jimmy started to play drums and love punk rock. He then meet Andy, another boy that liked punk rock. Andy played guitar and they began playing covers of punk bands and dreaming of having a band.
After sometime they realized they really needed a bass player, but nobody wanted to play with two teenagers, one with 16 years old and the other with 14. Jimmy then started to date a girl, called Mary, that played guitar. He introduced her to punk rock and she liked at the moment she started to listen. They had found their bass player.
It took two years until they all learned how to play their instruments well and start making their own songs. They still had a problem: How to play on punk clubs if Jimmy was 16 and Mary 17? Solution: Don't play.
Andy could play because he was already 18 and left the band to join another. Mary and Jimmy decided to quit the band and didn't see each other for a long time.
After 3 years, when they both were on college(Jimmy doing veterinary and Mary doing biology), they were introduced on a party and began dating again. They really wanted to play again, and now they could get into the punk clubs. It was great, if it wasn't the fact they needed someone to sing and play guitar.
It was having a protest on their college and they decided to take part, a guy called Justin was the leader and was screaming a lot there. They found their vocalist. Luckly he could play guitar so the band was complete. They decided to only play small concerts and focus on the college, after their graduation they could start seriously as a band.
Later Justin became Fat Chance, Jimmy added St. and Mary became Haushinka on stage. 4 years later they released "Prisoners of Society", and started to tour around the UK.
Fat Chance was getting tired of singing and playing at the same time, and also wanted to be able of interacting more with the crowd during their songs. Then he called a close friend, Kevin(later Favorite Son), and the band was finally complete.
The Prisoners released 12 albuns and many singles on their career.
Recently Haushinka left the band due to her pregnancy, and was replaced by Extraordinary Girl(Kirsten).

Recent Activities Edit

The Prisoners have officially called it quits and will release the last album of their career soon, with a World Tour coming on the way.
St. Jimmy and Fat Chance created a label for mainly underground bands, called Molotov Records.

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