The Rebirth Of Hostility
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Background information
Origin Orange County, CA, USA
Genre(s) Heavy Metal
Years active 2006 - 2007
2008 - present
Label(s) Pegasus Records
Associated acts Psoriasiss
Another Day
Lipstick Thespians
Dan Santana
Marissa Crosby
Matt Fisher
Rich Martin
Chris Tripper

The Rebirth Of Hostility is a Heavy Metal band from Orange County, California. The band was formed in 2006 by vocalist Dan Santana and rhythm guitarist Matt Fisher. Acquaintances of Santana and Fisher joined the band after a failed musician search.

Band HistoryEdit

Throughout 2006, the band underwent an extensive yet failed label search, despite recording numerous demos and making a name for themselves in the Orange County music scene. In January 2007, the band went on hiatus. During this time, Santana formed Pegasus Records, Matt Fisher went on to form an alternative rock band called Another Day, and Marissa Crosby joined her sister's band Lipstick Thespians.


On May 30, 2008, Santana announced that the members of The Rebirth Of Hostility as a whole had decided the time was right to end its hiatus. Through Santana's Pegasus Records imprint, the band has released numerous EPs consisting of the 2006 demo material. The band also released a full-length compilation (In Hell As It Is On Earth) consisting of re-recorded demo tracks that made its debut in the Top 10.

After months of writing and recording, the band released their first album of new material, entitled The Lighter Side Of Darkness on September 22, 2009. The Lighter Side Of Darkness debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 album charts.


Dan Santana - Vocals
Marissa Crosby - Lead Guitar
Matt Fisher - Rhythm Guitar
Rich Martin - Bass Guitar
Chris Tripper - Drums



All charting positions are from US Billboard 200 album charts unless otherwise noted.

Year Title Type Debuting Position Peak Position
2008 In Hell As It Is On Earth Studio 7 4
2009 The Lighter Side Of Darkness Studio 1 1
2009 The Darker Side Of Lightness Studio 17 17


All charting positions are from US Billboard Hot 100 singles charts unless otherwise noted.

Year Title Debuting Position Peak Position
2008 Black Tuesday - -
2008 The Right To Become Violent - -
2008 The Hall Of Death - -
2008 Angelblood - -
2008 Main Street Electrocution Parade 81 71
2008 Lifethirst 85 68
2008 The Palaces Of Sorrow 63 63
2008 New Axe To Grind 51 38
2008 Dragged Through The Blood 53 34
2008 In The Light 42 42
2008 On Your Tombstone 40 40
2008 The Weapon 71 57
2008 Fallen Foes 73 62
2008 The Battle And The War 31 31
2008 Anxious For Revenge 25 25
2008 Resurrection Of Power 52 29
2008 The Water Runs Red 62 43
2008 Toxic Bloom 60 23
2009 A Letter Of Retribution 9 9

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