The SEX Tour - Live At The Tokyo Dome
Video by Daphne Aguilera
Released November 1st, 2008
Recorded January 4th, 2007
Genre Live Concert
Length 157 minutes
Language English
Label Slut-O-Rama Films
Producer Daphne Aguilera, Chris Applejack
Daphne Aguilera chronology
2 Hot Girls On A Hot Summer Night World Tour Live
The SEX Tour - Live At The Tokyo Dome
Daphne's European Club Tour



  • Daphne: The Evolution Act

A Little Lie (Never Hurt)
Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful (Bitch) [Ballad Version]
Frozen (Madonna Cover)

  • Lord of The Bitches Act

A Public Affair (Jessica Simpson Cover)
Hot Shots
Can't Speak (Can't Hear You)

  • Acoustic Act

Everything I Hate
S.E.X. A.N.D. F.*.C.K. (Not The Same)

  • Roller Disco Act

Disco Inferno/Vogue Medley
Certified (Jessica Cover)
Beware of The Dog

  • Dominatrix Act

Whatever, Don't Matter
Sweet Dreams My Ex From NYC
Naughty Baby Did A No-No
sKaNks 'R' uS

  • "The 60's" Act

No More Drama
Holla N' Ya Ear

  • The Beginning of the End Act

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend/Material Girl (Mash up)

Bonus MaterialEdit

  1. A Minute With... Trinity Kane (runtime: 1 Minute)
  2. A Minute With... The Kid (runtime: 1 Minute)
  3. A Minute With... Daphne Aguilera (runtime: 1 Minute)
  4. Lets Talk About SEX documentary (runtime: 25 Minutes)
  5. Throwback *Music Video
  6. Photo Gallery

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