The ShadowsEdit

The Shadows are an American Rock band from St. Louis Missouri. The band was formed when Robert Kain and George Francis left The Rockers to form their own band. Later Andy Keys would join the band as well. They are signed to V-Records.

Members - Robert Kain on Lead Guitar, George Francis on Drums, and Andy Keys on Vocals.

Formation and First AlbumEdit

After the recording of The Rockers album The Battle of Good and Evil Lead guitarist Robert Kain and drummer George Francis decided that they wanted to form their own band. They held auditions for a singer and found Andy Keys. Robert began writing songs in early January of 2009, for an album that was released in February called Rain Clouds. The album was met with good/decent reviews.

Second AlbumEdit

After their first album was released, the band got together and decided that with their second album, they would go for a more straight rock n roll sound. Robert and Andy began writing in March and recording started in early April. The album titled Faded was released on April 16th, 2009. It was met with great/good reviews.

Third Album and First TourEdit

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