The Verdict Is Vengeance is an English metalcore/hardcore band from Southend, Essex. Founded in 2007 by former members Kieran Marks and Isaac Steen, and current drummer Matthew Norris. The band has released nine singles, three EP's and two albums. The band have often mentioned that they are constantly envolving within their musical style, and are always influenced by different styles of music within their writing and performances.

The Verdict Is Vengeance
Also known as
TVIV, Verdict, Verdict Is Vengeance
Southend, Essex, England
Metalcore, Hardcore, Post-Hardcore (early)
Years Active
2007 - Present
Chaos Records (2011 - ) Suicide Records (2009 - 2011), MTN Climber Records (2009)
Associated Acts
Chimera, Infinite,Suburban Sunrise, Gears of Bremen, Big Light Show, Such Strange Arts

Early Years, Formation and Deathcore phase (2007 - 2008) Edit

In 2007, Kieran Marks and friends Isaac Steen and Matthew Norris decieded that they wanted to make some sort of band. They each started to learn an instrument with Marks learning guitar and practicing vocals, Steen learning bass guitar and Norris learning drums. They started by playing simple alternative rock covers and during the year, the band began to play at small venues around their local area insuport of other local bands under the name of Closed Down Back Home. Although they only had three full time members as the band wanted to become a heavier band to suit their musical interests and to fit in with the music scene at the time, they asked close friend Robert Williams to play lead guitar so Marks could focus on his singing and screaming, they also asked another of their close friends Phil Nind to play rhythm guitar, both accepted as they did not have a musical project to work with and as the year went on they became full time members of the newly named The Verdict Is Vengeance.

With the band playing more and more gigs around Essex, their fan base began to grow larger and they were named one of the up and coming metal artists in Britain. After entering a local battle of the bands in Southend in the Spring of 2008 and winning, they recieved the prize of £1000, they used it to record their first demo. The band begun to become well known throught the country playing at the smaller stages at many festivals including Download Festival and Reading/Leads Festival. Towards the end of 2008 the band began to play less and less gigs and Marks and Steen considered making a side project while things slowed down, the band looked set to break apart, but the problmes were solved and the band headlined a tour across the UK.

Major record label, Line-up change and Liberation (2009) Edit

Early in 2009 the band began to write for their debut album, which was due to be named Falling From Heaven For You, during the writing period was when the band began to have arguements about the direction of the band with Marks not wanting too much screaming in the songs as his vocal chords were becoming effected, this sparked an huge arguement between Marks and Steen who had reccently made a side project named The Reject Message. Although neither left the band at this stage, it was only a matter of time before one of the founding members left. During this the band had been supporting larger bands with tours across the UK which only slowed the arguements down. In summer 2009 Marks and Steen spent most of the time side project The Reject Message, while Nind, Williams and Norris wrote songs for The Verdict Is Vengeance, not knowing if they would be even perform them as a band. In October, the band got offered a place on The Wicker Man's tour of Europe which the band continued to play the deathcore style, during the tour MTN Climber Records offered the band a record deal that was accepted straight away. Novemeber 2009 was when everything changed, the band had decieded that the album would not be a deathcore album, they wanted to play more of an alternative rock/post hardcore style of music, Steen didn't like this and left the band saying "I refuse to work with you people anymore". He was replaced by Connor James and recording for the bands' new album titled Liberation. Once Steen had left the band, the other members decieded it would be best to leave their label MTN Climber Records, for Marks' new label Suicide Records. The first single released from Liberation was Hearbeat followed by Egocentric which featured Alex Leuiso of We Shot The Stars, and third and final single from the album being The Sadness Will Never End. Liberation was released on 31st December 2009, and was well recieved by both fans and critics on the whole.

New vocalist and Lies Make You Famous (2010)Edit

After the release of Liberation and a tour around the UK the band started to write for a new EP which they planned on releasing in the Spring of 2010. After little news either about or from the band until March, Marks said in an interview that he didn't feel like he belonged in The Verdict Is Vengeance, then the next day announced that he had left the band. The band were midway through recording for their untitled EP, and scraped all of Marks' vocals. They found a replacement, in Sam Maine, who was the former lead vocalist of Marks' old side-project The Reject Message. With Maine being a full time members, they continued to work on an EP, which they had now titled Lies Make You Famous. They toured with Post-Hardcore/Metalcore band Chimera across the UK and Europe, and recorded the EP inbetween these tours. The first and only single released from the EP was Beautiful, which was released a few days before Lies Make You Famous was. The EP was said to go back towards their deathcore roots, whilst keeping their newer style at the same time, reviews from both fans and critics showed a mix reaction, some loved it, whilst others hated it.

After the release of Lies Make You Famous the band spent time away from the band for a few weeks, and spent it with their families. Once they returned, they began writing for their second album; Oblivion. They headlined the Comatose Stage for the first year of Animal Festival, and began to prepare for their next set of tours with Chimera which included Japan and America, but due to the death of their drummer, both tours were cancelled and The Verdict Is Vengenace used this time to start recording for Oblivion. After months in the studio the band released the first song from the album for free from the album called Reflections and toured the UK in October with Less Than Infinity and Fathers Of Fury, before heading back to the studio to finish the recordings for the album. Around this time songs which were planned on being used as b-sides for the first single were leaked onto the internet, and so the band released a digital single for them, along with a demo copy of Reflections.

They have announced that former touring member Lee Sanders was a full time member of the band in late October. On November 26th Sam Maine announced from his personal blog that the recording for Oblivion had finished and that the album was due to be released in Spring 2011 from independant record label Suicide Records, the band also released their own cover of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town as a free download from their website. On the 18th December 2010, the first offical single from Oblivion, Bathos was released. Rhythm guitarist Phil Nind announced via his blog on 20th December that he would be leaving the band due to creative differences, and wanting to spend more time with his family, he also said that he will continue to support and work with the band in the future. The band announced in reply to this statement that the release of the album wouldn't be effected and they had already been looking for a replacement for Nind since late November when he first announced he was going to be leaving the band. Toby Coyte-Broomfield was announced as a temporary replacement for Nind, with the band clearly stating that he would not be a full time members and was just going to tour with them.

Oblivion, Idols, line-up changes, new label (2011)Edit

On January 29th 2011, Oblivion was released. Although the band did not have high hopes the album, it was praised by many for its mixture of metalcore, post-hardcore, deathcore and alternative rock influences featuring throughout the short album. It was also stated days after the release of Oblivion, that work for album number 3 had started. On Februrary 27th 2011, it was announced that Lee Sanders would be playing rhythm guitar with Sam Maine playing keyboard live alongside lead vocals, for the foreseeable future as the band had found nobody that could replace former guitarist Phil Nind.

In early March the band also announced that work on their second EP, Idols had been going on during the free time between the UK and Europe legs of the Into Oblivion Tour, and was nearing an end. The tracklist was found to contain songs from 5 different artists who the band claimed had an influences on the musical style within Oblivion, and that it would feature one brand new song. Released via iTunes on April 1st and in all over stores April 8th, it recieved good reviews critically and was praised by many musicans including Eric Quillington who stated that a "The Verdict Is Venganece and Infinite collaboration sometime in the future would fucking rule!"

After playing a brief set at Total Annihalation Festival 3, it was announced that the band had recorded the whole set and planned to release it as an EP/DVD titled Live From The Blue Stage, along with random extras of the band behind the scenes and showing more of an indepth side to the personalaties of each of the band mates.

Throughout the months of May, June and July, personal problems within the band lead to the planned release of a free EP titled Anchors failed with the band being split by a change in musical influence. However, the band performed their headline tour across America with support from Big Light Show and Suburban Sunrise, until on July 11th the band cancelled all remaining dates and announced that Connor James and Lee Sanders had left the band due to creative differences. (The two have since been announced as members of Post-Hardcore/Alternative Rock band Such Strange Arts) and the band stopped updating the website, starting rumours that the band was over.

On August 9th 2011, the band updated their website announcing that they'd spent the past month writing and practing for the future with former member Phil Nind, who had re-joined the band as rhythm guitarist, along with Elliot Wykes as bassist and Simon Peek as keyboardist. Within this announcement the band also announced their first signing to a major record label since they left MTN Climber Records in 2009, as they had signed a two album, unlimated singles contract with Chaos Records, and that they planned on releasing the follow up to Oblivion within the near future.

The group played a short run of shows at small venues at the end of August as a part of their Warm Up, It's Summer! Tour, with support from Chasing The Sun and various local bands openning. The closing performance was as part of Indoor Aftermath Festival. The group played two new songs whilst on this tour, which would eventually be confirmed as a part of their third album.

In an update from the band's official website, the words DEAD AT THE THRONE, along with various song names and the album artwork was posted, with a set release date not being confirmed. The band then spent the rest of the year working on the album, releasing the first single Apocalypse in September (which went on to reach Platinum sales records.) In an interview with Alternative Press, vocalist Sam Maine explained that the album would have a different sound completely than their previous records, and that they were aimed for a more 'hardcore' based sound with less clean vocals.

Dead At The Throne, and tbc (2012)Edit

With Dead At The Throne still being recorded, the band chose to release a second single to keep fans interested in the album, whilst proving that they were making progress on the album. This second single was titled Ruins.

Band membersEdit

Current MembersEdit

  • Sam Maine - Clean Vocals, Screams (Since 2010)
  • Robert Williams - Lead Guitar, Vocals (Since 2007)
  • Phillip Nind - Rhythm Guitar (2007 - 2010) (Since 2011)
  • Simon Peek - Programming, Synthesizer, Samples, Keyboard, Backing Vocals (Since 2011)
  • Elliot Wykes - Bass Guitar (Since 2011)
  • Matt Norris - Drums, percussion (Since 2007)

Former MembersEdit

  • Kieran Marks - Lead Vocals, Screams, Keyboards (2007 - 2010)
  • Isaac Steen - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals (2007 - 2009)
  • Phillip Nind - Rhythm Guitar (2007 - 2010)
  • Connor James - Bass Guitar, Backing vocals (2009 - 2011)
  • Lee Sanders - Rhythm Guitar, Synthesizer, Screams (2010 - 2011)

Touring MembersEdit

  • Sean Grey - Keyboard, Samples (2008 - 2009)
  • Toby Coyte Broomfield - Rhythm Guitar (2010 - 2011)



  • Liberation (December 2009)
  • Oblivion (January 2011)
  • Dead At The Throne (TBC 2012)


  • Lies Make You Famous (June 2010)
  • Idols (April 2011)
  • Live From The Blue Stage (Live EP/DVD) (May 2011)


  • Heartbeat [from Liberation]
  • Egocentric [from Liberation]
  • The Sadness Will Never End [from Liberation]
  • Crash And Burn (Live From Brixton Academy) [Live Single]
  • Beautiful [from Lies Make You Famous]
  • Cards [leaked songs]
  • Bathos [from Oblivion]
  • Masked Faces [from Oblivion]
  • Watch The Skylines Fall [From Oblivion]
  • Apocolaypse [from Dead At The Throne]
  • Ruins [from Dead At The Throne]

Other SongsEdit

  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town [Free Christmas 2010 Download]

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