The Victims Vengeance
28th February 2008

The Victims Vengeance is Lost Nights Alone's 2nd studio album. It is a concept album which tells the story of a young couple who are in 'The murderscene', Which is a bunch of hitmen/women. Released on 28th February 2008. Selling 989,577 copies worldwide. The band left older roots, and went with a more Metalcore, Atreyu sounding Album.

Track ListingEdit

1. Dust To Dust
2. The Murderscene
3. Kill My Enemies
4. Stay Here
5. Bloodrush
6. Kill The Old Way
7. Shotgun Murder
8. Put Things To An End [Ft. Buddy Nielsen]
9. Without You
10. Lost Nights Alone


The album follows the relationship of a couple in 'the murderscene' which is a bunch of Hitmen/women. They then get to caught up in it and one person who they murder has a brother who wants revenge on the couple.From Dust To Dust-Kill My Enemies, the couple are going about their normal work. Then during Stay Here the story changes and the male character wants to leave but the Female wants to do one last job. During Bloodrush & Kill The Old Way then in Shotgun murder she is gunned down in a Revenge Attack. The Album then gets much Heavier and more Screaming and harder guitars and more energetic. Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail stars in Put things to an end when the male tries to get back at the his partners murderer but fails and goes into a mental breakdown. Which is where the story ends.


Region Peak Position
UK 221
USA 337
AUS & NZ 248
Europe 305
World 375

Lost Nights Alone
Singles: Problem Solved, Suicide | Kiss Me Like You Wanted | They Make Me Fly Then Crash Hard | Kill My Enemies |
Studio Albums: We Should Never Have Parted | The Victims Vengeance

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