The Vodka Polonaise

[[Image:1253-smirnoff premium vodka|5px]]

Recorded by
Heavy metal/hard rock

The Vodka Polonaise is a song and a single by metal band Transferium Project It was first heard at the 12th IMA's, when the band sung it while going to the afterparty. It's basically the phrase Vodka, we need some vodka set to the melody of the Hava Nagila song. When the band decided to record the song for the first time, it was more of a heavy metal song then their normal style. There has been some commotion about who came up with the song. In a press statement, the band said the it was Pauli, but he said he can't remember it well because he was too drunk.


A few weeks before the 15th IMA's started, the band announced they will re-record the song with as much collaborators as possible. The following artists have been confirmed to appear on the single:
Moronic Changeling
The Nimrods
Casting Thin Shadows
Kii Kii Lii and Foetus (Herr Fische)
Blood Of Wecz
Tribal Scream
Devil's Spit
Elle Fame
Infernal Tribute
St. Jimmy (The Prisoners)
Feliks Markov (Killing Erebus)

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