Things Are So Much Better With The Letter C
Studio album by The Letter C
Released October 1st 2009
Recorded January 2009 - March 2009,September 2009
Genre Rock,Indie,Experimental
Length 29:30
Language English
Label Metamorphosis Records
Producer ??
The Letter C chronology
Things Are So Much Better With The Letter C Untitled(TBA))

History Edit

The recording began in January 2009 and ended in march 2009. The result ended in over two dozen songs. Just Signed to Metamorphosis Records The Letter C went back into the studio to record 2 new songs with Singer Hannah Beth.

Track Listing Edit

1. Whatever Floats Your Boat
2 A Lesson In Love
3 Kissable Lips(feat. Hannah Beth)*
4 Shake It Baby!
5 Ashley
6 Busy Bee
7 Love Love Love
8 She's My Hero
9 Loose Lips Sink Big Hips
10 Sunset Juliet(Feat. Hannah Beth)*
  • New Songs

Personal Edit

Lyrics 1-4 8-10 Robert B.
Lyrics 5-7 Ashley B.
Music By Ashley B & Bobby B
Recorded January 2009 - March 2009, * Recorded September 2009

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