This Is Not Love, Dear


Korova Remix
rehearsal 1
rehearsal 2
December 19, 2007
Indie pop, alternative pop/rock

"This Is Not Love, Dear" is a song by British indie pop band The Seymours. It was released on December 19, 2007 on a limited edition white label promo 12". Ian Picholl revealed in an online chat with fans that it was planned as the fourth single from the band's self-titled album but was eventually rejected in favour for the more radio-friendly Trash.

The vinyl was issued only to a select few music stores and DJs around Britain. It came wrapped in a tin foil sleeve, an idea originally thought up for the special edition of the album that never materialised. Mint copies are highly sought after by fans and record collectors alike.

A remix by electronica group Soviet is featured under the name "Korova Mix", and the b-side contains two low quality rehearsal performances of the song.

Track listingEdit

All tracks written by Ian Picholl, Carl Pinchbeck and Mat Gilbert.

  1. "This Is Not Love, Dear" - 6:01
  2. "This Is Not Love, Dear" (Korova Remix) - 6:19
  3. "This Is Not Love, Dear" (rehearsal 1) - 0:56
  4. "This Is Not Love, Dear" (rehearsal 2) - 6:31

The Seymours (edit)
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