Tim Dunn was a founding member of The Electric Experiment and Groove Machine. He is also the founder and current CEO and Chairman of Souled Out Media Inc. a media company with holdings in the music, magazine publishing, and video games industries.

Tim Dunn
Current Member of
Groove Machine
Former Member of
The Electric Experiment
Souled Out Media Inc.
Current CEO and Chairman
RockStar Magazine
Current Editor-in-Chief


Early YearsEdit

Tim Dunn grew up in Fort Wayne, IN. At the age of 7 he began learning to play the upright bass. By age 10 Dunn was classically trained in the bass and guitar, as well as taking lessons for jazz bass, both electric bass guitar and double bass, and jazz guitar.

The Electric ExperimentEdit

Dunn was a founding member along with Ryan Grayl, John Redmond, and Justin "JMack" Mack. The band was based around the fusion of jazz and metal. While a member of The Electric Experiment Dunn was responsible for writing some of the bands most memorable songs. Many believe that Dunn was the main creative force behind the band's magnum opus Forgiveness. Dunn left The Electric Experiment after the release of Forgiveness to concentrate on Groove Machine and because he felt he had done all he could do musically in The Electric Experiment.

Groove MachineEdit

Dunn also founded Groove Machine with friends Steve Spears and Colin Boyd. The bands debut album You Can Never Have Too Much Funk In Your Trunk was well received. The band is currently rumored to be at work on a sophomore release, but this sophomore release has been rumored since 2006.

Souled Out Media Inc.Edit

Dunn is the founder, current CEO, and current Chairman of Souled Out Media Inc. Originally started by Dunn as Souled Out Records Inc. the brand expanded with the addition of RockStar Magazine, which Dunn currently presides over as Editor-in-Chief, and Souled Out Publishing Inc. which currently publishes RSM. The most recent acquisition is video game developer Orion Studios who work on projects designed by Dunn.

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