Tisha Jackson
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Background information
Birth name Tisha Jackson
Born June 11th 1989
Genre(s) R&B,Pop
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter
Voice type(s) R&B/Pop
Years active 2007 - present
Label(s) Metamorphisis Records
Associated acts Alicia Lena, Girlspice

Tisha Jackson is an American R&B,Pop singer-song writer, and actress born on June 11th, 1989. She is currently signed with Junction Records. On June 28th, 2011 Tisha released her seventh album, Reveal. The album debut at No.12 and peaked at No.2 on The Heat Top 20 Charts. It has sold 6 million copies world-wide since it's release.


Early YearsEdit

Tisha Jackson was born on June 11th 1989. Tisha was born and raised in Brooklyn,New York. She began singing at the age a five. But she says that she didn't consider her herself a singer up until the age of fourteen. Tisha began singing in night clubs for free in Brooklyn at the age of 15. She was spotted one night at a night club by a record producer. She then recorded her demo and former record label executive, Lino, of Eventual and Talent Radar Records heard it, and signed Tisha immdiatley.

Breathrough SuccessEdit

Tisha Jackson broke into the music industry in 2006 when she first began to record her demo and material for her first studio album. Tisha's first number 1 was " Mine Again" (Feat. Rayzor & Raven of Thunderwolf).

Record Label History Edit

Tisha signed with Eventual Records but the record label owned by Lino closed down in 2008. She then signed with Lino's new label Talent Radar Entertainment. She was fired and signed with Spice Records. She then left Spice Records for another chance that Lino gave her. She then left Talent Radar Entertainment once again and signed with Spice Records once again. She went back to Talent Radar Entertainment for one last try. On September 24th 2008 She signed with Metamorphosis Records.

Personal LifeEdit

She lives in New York and has often been spotted out at clubs partying. She is friends with a number of other famous singers including GirlSpice and Alicia Lena both of which she has worked with in the past.


  • The Battle between love & Piece Tour
  • My Desire 4 control Tour
  • Dream within a dream tour
  • B'Day Tour

Albums Edit

Films Edit

  • This Christmas - (Melanie) - (2007)
  • Nine - (2009)
  • Precious- (2009)
  • SCREAM 4 - (2011)
  • Think Like A Man - (2012)

Collaborations Edit

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