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Towers of Decay
Progressive Technical Death Metal
The Black Gates
Corby, UK

Towers of Decayis the second album by UK based progressive metallers The Black Gates. This came some nine years after their debut.

Released to a world wide audience, the album charted at 33 in the UK and sold over two million copes. Metal publications lauded it for its innovation and the high quality of musicianship. The band incorporated a heavy dose of melody and windinng acoustic passages, fusing numerous influences into their own brand of highly refined tech death.

Track listingEdit

Lyrics by Rick Fisher, All arrangements Rick Fisher.

  1. "Hammer of the Tyrant"
  2. "Path to the Disgraced Gods"
  3. "Ageless Reign"
  4. "Enter the Gates"
  5. "Dead Procession"
  6. "Anointed in the Blood of the Slain"
  7. "Eye of the Flames"
  8. "Ignoble End"
  9. "Towers of Decay"
  10. "Alone in a Sea of Angel Corpses"

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