Transferium Project
Background information
Birth name Blooming Orchid
Also known as Overlords of Symphonic Metal
Origin London, UK
Genre(s) Symphonic melodic death metal
Voice type(s) Growl/scream, clean
Years active 1998-now
Label(s) Unsigned
Associated acts Arschloch, Parody In Flight
Giorgio Galfore
Freddy Carlsson
Daniel Dumonde
Pauli Schwartz
Alfredo Bandaneros
Anders Svensson
Former members
Vladimir Ivanevska
Jan de Vries
Francois Le Bon
Georgios Panathinaikos
Charles Lightbody - Rhythm guitars
Notable instrument(s)

Transferium Project is a British metal band. They formed in 1997 under the name Blooming Orchid, but soon changed it in Transferium Project. They started out as a trash metal band, but since then their sound has evolved to a melodic death metal influenced style. They are known for their energetic performances and the use of fireworks.


Early daysEdit

Transferium Project was founded in 1997 under the name of Blooming Orchid by a young Duch drummer called Jan De Vries. He wanted to see if he could mix metal with folk music from various countrys. He knew Giorgio from a trip, and he accepted immediately. They found a guitarist in Jan's friend Freddy Carlsson, and Georgios Panathinaikos became their bassist. However, Jan's plan to mix folk music in their sound failed, and he and Georgios left the band. Giorgio knew a Swedish drummer called Anders Svensson and he called him to ask him to jam with them some time. Anders soon became a full member of the group.
The young band was searching for a good bassist, when they met Pauli Schwartz in London. Pauli immediately joined, and moved with the other guys to London. A young keyboardist going by the name of Alfredo Bandaneros heard of the band, and he asked if they could jam once. The band accepted, and Alfredo joined up with them. After a few shows, the band decided to change their name in Transferium Project. They also decided they needed a second guitarist. Pauli knew a Russian guitarist from his life in Germany. After playing 3 shows with the young thrash band, Vladimir Ivanevska became the last member to join.
They released their first single On Our Last Day (Death Does Not Exist) which caught the attention of Midnight/Mythic Records. Soon after the band landed their first record deal and started with the release of their first album.


On Reincarnation, the band played trash metal in the same style of Slayer. The album wass well received in underground circles and the single On Our Last Day (Death Does Not Exist) got some airtime on internet radio. Their next album, Nightstalker, showed some evolution, both in sound and lyrics. The music was slower, less agressive and less growls were used. At the same time, the lyrics were not so violent as on Reincarnation, but handled more themes such as love problems and the war in Iraq.

Promises For A Dead Union/IV: OrionEdit

The recording of their third full length offering, Promises For A Dead Union went smoothly. This album showed a total departure from the trash metal sound of the first two albums. It was also the first album the contain keyboard solos. Giorgio said that this is his favourite album.
Between Promises and Orion, the members decided to took some time off. Freddy joined a new supergroup, Parody In Flight, and even achieved top 40 succes. Pauli found some time to start his own band, Arschloch, a medieval folk metal band, which quickly grew to a group with 14 members.
Pauli also competed in "I'm A Rockstar - Get Me Outta Here". He ended fifth in the finals. Giorgio stated that this was all part of a campaign to promote the band while they were recording the fourth album IV: Orion. This album marked the cange in their style, having more in common with melodic death metal, than with trash metal. The single A Wave Of Ignorance sold pretty well. and it even landed in the high chart.
A huge tour was planned with Rebel Uprising and Aesthetic Nightmare but after the explosion of Wembley Stadium it got cancelled.

New album, new sound (again)Edit

The recording of the sixth album got delayed due to internal problems in the band. They decided to take some time off before hitting the studios. On Februari 3 2008, Transferium Project announced they were done with the recordings for their fifth album. As a surprise for the fans, they released a compilation album with songs that never made it to any of the albums. It also included the christmas single Snowy Road. In a track-by-track interview, Freddy said that they went "all-out this time. We even used an orchestra, so basically you could call this one symphonic melodic death metal." The name of the album is going to be No Prayers Left and it was released at 03/22/2008. The album soon became their best-selling album ever, and got great reviews.

No Prayers LeftEdit

The sixth album was released a day earlier, at March 21 2008. The album is the most succesful thus far, making in into the top 100 in every region. Giorgio used his melodic voice less at this time, making the album sound overall harsher and extremer. The band released 4 singles, the last single, Untitled, contained two new songs.

The Necro CodexEdit

After a big European/Japanese tour, the band alsmost immediately started working on the follow-up. It was revealed that it would become a concept album, or as Giorgio called it: A themed album. It is the forst part in a series of 3 albums. The "story" handles about 3 different causes of death who cause millions of people to die every year. Part I, The Necro Codex I: A War Of Opposites deals with war, part II will deal with sickness. It will be called The Necro Codex II: In Sickness And Death and was set to be released at 08/25/2008. After the shutdown of the long-standing label Midnight Records, the album was pulled from the date until they settled with a deal again. The band signed a contract with new label Insomnia Records. The album was set to be reeased 20 days later, at 27/08/2008. The second single from the album, and their first release with Insomnia, Within The Spreading Darkness was released on 08/27/2008.

The Vodka Polonaise, temporary break-upEdit

The band announced to re-record their Vodka Polonaise, but now with the help of many bands and artists. Artists collaborating on the single include fAthOm, Aneurysm, and Casting Thin Shadows. They also participated in the Cover Extravaganza with a cover of Sting's Fragile. After the W.A.R. Tour had ended, Pauli announced he was going to participate in the second season of Big Member. The rest of the band announced a temporary break. Vlad will be focusing on his side-band Heaven's Blessing, and Giorgio is going to release a solo record.

Return to the scene, Necro Codex III coming up!Edit

In Februari 2009 Transferium Project announced the release of their new single Hymn Of The Hills. and that the recordings for the last Necro Codex are in full swing.
Giorgio said that the band suffered from tensions again, but that they all have been resolved. He also said that this album is their most collaborative one since Nightstalker. The Necro Codex III: Disasterpieces is set for May 30th.

The band released a compilation album and a live album, called Impressions. Songs Of The Insane went double platimum in the UK.

Break-up with Vlad Edit

In may, the release of the next single, Sturmgeist was announced. It would mark the first time bassist Pauli sings lead on a single.

A few weeks after that announcement, Vladimir Ivanevska announced his leaving after 15 years with the band. The band cancelled all gigs, pulling of of the No Guts, No Glory Tour and postponed the release of Sturmgeist. After nearly two months, Vlad's replacement was found in Daniel DuMonde.

Transferium Project also left their label Macchiavellian Records due to unsufficient efforts by the label.

Hiatus and Out Of NothingEdit

After Daniel DuMonde's appointment as guitarist the band went to the studio to record their follow-up album to The Necro Codex III: Disasterpieces. Recordings went smoothly and the album, cset to be called Sons Of The Void, was set for release. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, which the band does noet want to reveal, Transferium Project went on hiatus and the album was pulled back. In december the band returned out of the blue, stating "personal problems" als the reason. They also changed all album plans. Sons Of The Void was cancelled and brand new songs were written, the first singlt of which is Dream Oblivion. The album, now called Out Of Nothing is set for release February 20.


The name Transferium Project has made quite a few eyebrows rise. According to Freddy, the Transferium Project was a project running a Jan's old high school, which made it possible for less gifted students to get education of a good quality. Rumours that the name came from the parking lot underneath the Amsterdam Arena are false.


Giorgio Galfore - Vocals
Freddy Carlsson - Lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Daniel Dumonde- Lead and rhythm guitars
Pauli Schwartz - Bass, backing vocals
Alfredo Bandaneros - Keyboards, backing vocals
Anders Svensson - Drums and Percussion

Past MembersEdit

Vladimir Ivanevska- Guitars

Jan De Vries - Drums
Charles Lightbody - Rhythm guitars
Giorgios Panatinaikos - Bass


Full LengthEdit

Singles - 2010Edit

Compilation AlbumsEdit

Live Albums Edit


Transferium Project
Members : Giorgio Galfore | Freddy Carlsson | Vladimir Ivanevska | Pauli Schwartz | Alfredo Bandaneros | Anders Svensson
Albums : Reincarnation | Nightstalker | Promises For A Dead Union | IV: Orion | No Prayers Left | The Necro Codex I: A War Of Opposites | The Necro Codex II: In Sickness And Death | The Necro Codex III: Disasterpieces
Singles : On Our Last Day (Death Does Not Exist | Baby Got Back (Sir Mix-A-Lot Cover) | A Wave Of Ignorance | Arise From The Grave | What Does It Take | Torturing The Children Of God | Lost In A Maze Of Misery And Greed | Snowy Road | Rain Of Tears | The Fire Never Dies | By Sins Be Driven | A Pitch Black Process | Secrets Of A Dying Man | A Kaleidoscopic World | Untitled | The Vodka Polonaise | Mirrors Of Tragedy | Start The Exile | At Heavens Gates | Within The Spreading Darkness | The Vodka Polonaise | Fragile (Sting Cover) | Hymn Of The Hills
Compilation Albums : 5 Years Of Frenzy - The B-Sides

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