Tristan Banhart
Background information
Birth name Tristan Jacob Banhart
Born January 26th, 1985
Origin Buffalo, New York
Genre(s) Rock
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter
Years active 2008-
Label(s) Independent
Tristan Banhart (Lead Vocals & Guitar)
Jason Richie (Backup Vocals & Guitar)
Mark Tolini (Drums)
Hector Robert (Programming)

Tristan Banhart is a rock singer/songwriter from Buffalo, New York. He is currently recording his debut album.


Tristan Banhart is the older brother of singer Natalya Banhart. He has been performing ever since he was 4 years old. His parents felt he had that star quality (while feeling his sister Natalya had none), and spent all their time on him. At the age of four they had him acting in commercials and he spent almost every waking hour from the ages of 4 to 10 doing just that.

He took a break for a while until he hit high school and started a band with a few friends in which they would play small shows every now and then. However Tristan never really considered being in the spotlight as a career, he wanted a surefire well paying job. Though once in his late teens, the music bug bit him and he began to work on his own music, often with the help of Natalya, who was already an up-and-comer.

Music CareerEdit

Not wanting to be beat by his baby sister, shortly after the release of her debut single, Tristan hit the recording studio. He has recorded over 40 songs for it, all of which he penned, and is currently deciding on the final tracklisting.

The album is set to be released in a few weeks, more than likely within the same timeframe as Natalya's as they have a brother-sister rivalry going on, to see who comes out on top. Tristan has decided on the title Oblivion and though has not fully decided on the first single, it is more than likely to be Theories.

Personal LifeEdit

When he was 18, Tristan got his then girlfriend (who wishes to remain anonoymous) pregnant. Surprisingly, he was happy about it, but the girl soon miscarriaged which sent Tristan into a deep depression.

He drowned his sorrows in hard partying and dating numerous Hollywood starlets, who he refuses to name, until he was finally set straight by Natalya. Soon he found that music was a much more helpful outlet and is doing much better as of today.

Tristan is currently single.


  • Tristan is the oldest of his siblings, the youngest being Damien, and the middle child being pop singer Natalya Banhart.
  • Though he used to have a drug and drinking problem, he is completely sober as of now.
  • He doesn't like to be a music snob, but has major issues with country music.
  • Tristan believes religion is a total joke and has no problem admitting to being an atheist.
  • Interests include music, swimming, and cars. (Though he had a period where he went off his love for cars after seeing pictures of Natalya almost-naked sprawled out on top of them.)
  • Unlike most men, he enjoys the occasional 'chick flick'.
  • His major musical influence is the band fAthOm. (Which is why he was ecstatic to learn his sister is dating Jake Murder.)



Release Title Album Peak Position(s) Overall Sales
TBA Theories Oblivion - TBA - - - - - TBA TBA

Albums Edit

Release Title Peak Position(s) Overall Sales
TBA Oblivion - TBA - - - - - TBA TBA

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