Location(s) Ehime, Miyazaki, Ishikawa, Aichi, Osaka, Tokyo
Years active 2008
Founded by Yumi Takahashi
Date(s) 2 October 2008
5 October 2008
10 October 2008
17 October 2008
23 October 2008
24 October 2008
30 October 2008
31 October 2008
Genre(s) J-pop, J-rock, Pop
Website URBAN UNION Official site

URBAN UNION is a festival which displays performances by various popular artists signed under the Urban Kiss Records label. The festival was founded by Japanese pop star Yumi Takahashi who is also the president and CEO of Urban Kiss Records. The festival is held in cities all across Japan, over an 8 day period which will span across the month of October. The festival begins on the 2nd and end on the 31st of October. Artists who perform may choose not to perform due to schedule problems or other personal issues, so appearances may fluctuate on different days. Artists set lists usually tend to change slightly over time as well.

Performing ArtistsEdit

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