Under The Silver Of Machines


July 31st, 2007
Pop-Punk, Pop-Rock, Screamo

"Under The Silver Of Machines" is the tenth studio album of My Freaky Valentine. The album is one of the bands self-dubbed "darkest" efforts, and features a lot of cynicism present in the lyrics. The album was also moreso written by Lewis Mason than Hayley Williams. Mason also plays a bigger role with vocals on the album.

The album also controversially added more "screamo" elements to the music, an addition many fans were wary of. This is present in tracks such as "Meet Me At The Skyline" and "A Reason For Broken Wings", wherein Guitarist Simon Ferris takes throat duties.


  1. Kiss So Hard
  2. Meet Me At The Skyline
  3. A Pacific Romance
  4. Don't Forget To Write
  5. A Reason For Broken Wings
  6. How Do I Fix My Head
  7. All My Friends (Tongues Tied, Lipstick Lies)
  8. Soon We'll Be Living In The Future
  9. Cross My Heart, Hope To Die
  10. Tired And Uninspired


Four singles were released from the album.

Five singles were originally planned, but the band cancelled "Soon We'll Be Living In The Future" due to Drummer/Vocalist Lewis Mason leaving.

Random FactsEdit

  • "Tired And Uninspired" was originally meant to be released as a song under Lewis Mason's side project, The Ambitious Ones.
  • Single "How Do I Fix My Head" fetched an award at the Birdies for Best Single and Best Artwork.
  • Songs "A Pacific Romance" and "Don't Forget To Write" feature Lewis Mason taking lead vocal roles, though this sparked some criticism among fans.
  • Mason wrote the song "Cross My Heart, Hope To Die" when he accidentally locking himself in his basement overnight.
  • "Kiss So Hard" is one of the bands most well-known songs due to its strong drum/guitar hook, and Pop-influenced stylings.

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