Urban Kiss Records
Type International Private company
Genre Urban, R&B, Pop
Founded September 18, 2008
Founder Yumi Takahashi
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Area served Worldwide
Industry Music & Entertainment
Products Music & Entertainment
Website Urban Kiss Records official site

Urban Kiss Records is a record label located in Tokyo, Japan and founded on September 18, 2008 by Yumi Takahashi. The label is open to all artists but mainly focuses on all kinds of urban contemporary music. The company is an international private company, which distributes music, dvds, and other such media products all over the world. The first artists to be signed to the label were mitsuko and Juno Takahashi, who is the younger sister of the founder Yumi Takahashi. The first major international artist to be signed was the girl group from the United Kingdom GirlSpice followed by Yumi Takahashi, the label owner.

Signed ArtistsEdit

Former ArtistsEdit

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