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Background information
Born May 22nd, 1986
Origin Brentwood, Essex, England
Genre(s) Pop
Occupation(s) Singer, Model
Years active 2008-
Label(s) Rated X Records

Ursula is a singer/model from the United Kingdom. She made her debut onto the industry in October 2008. She is mostly known for her scandals and is in the tabloids every day.

Music CareerEdit

Ursula made her debut in October 2008 by lashing out at pop diva Katie Price. The tabloids soon picked up on the party girl and followed her around asking her various questions about why she dislikes Katie Price so much. This soon caught the attention of Elle Fame who is co owner of Metamorphosis Records. They signed her to a one album deal with release only in Asia.

They didn't believe in her musically ability that much but saw her as a investment seeing how interested the press was with everything she has to say. Soon after a rap artist by the name of Moesha soon contacted Ursula on teaming up with her on track to diss Katie Price. Ursula accepted and the two worked on a song called Hot Mess. In the mean time Ursula still ran around town partying with her girlfriends and going boy crazy.

Hot Mess was due to be released but conflict grew between Ursula and Moesha. Ursula felt that Moesha did not look that great and should not be in the video. Due to problems between the two , the single was eventually dropped and Ursula kept working on her debut album Kiss & Tell.

Ursula then completed her debut album. She has described it a floor filler. The album was named Kiss & Tell cause she is going to tell about all the boys she had been with. Put them right out there for the public to hear. Never one to stay far away from the spotlight... Ursula then got herself tangled in another scandal. She met up with Freddy Valentine one of her co owners from Metamorphosis Records. The two had some drinks and that involved the two in a one night stand that the two videotaped.

A few weeks later Ursula went to the press and made the statement that she was pregnant. This shocked the industry and right away Freddy Valentine denied the pregnancy saying she was lying. Ursula then went out with the sale of the sex tape of the two. Ursula's First Valentine hit the stores on dvd & blue ray and was a major seller. Many bought the dvd to see if Ursula really did have relations with Freddy. Which is showed she did.

The week after photos were printed showing Ursula leaving a court house in the United Kingdom with Doll Parts member Erika Regal. It was said she went to the court house demanding that they do something about Freddy Valentine and pay support for his unborn child. To be fair the court let him have his way and before he pays have Ursula prove she is indeed pregnant.

Ursula met Freddy Valentine at a hospital in London. When she had the ultra sound done it showed that she was not with child. This outraged Freddy Valentine who stormed out of the hospital and went right to press outside to announce. Ursula hasn't issued a real apology only saying that she missed her period and thought she was making Freddy Valentine the father.

The business relationship between the two was badly damage and her contract was bought out by Katie Price moving Ursula to Rated X Records. Katie Price bought the contract for $1 million dollars & 25% of all of Ursula's releases going to Metamorphosis Records.

Ursula was not happy being moved to the new label but is now trying to mend her relationship with her new label owner Katie Price. Ursula was seen leaving a recording studio recently and it has been noted that her debut single Kiss & Tell (Single) will be out in November 2008 followed by her debut album Kiss & Tell. The tracklisting has changed a lot since the one released before by Metamorphosis Records. The cover of the album has changed as well.



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