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Used To Love Her


From left to right: Benjamin Stones, Nicholas Hamm, Bob Liberty, Mike Armstrong, Fred Sherman
Band Name
Used To Love Her
Fred Sherman
Nicholas Hamm
Benjamin Stones
Mike Armstrong
Bob Liberty
London, England
Melodic hardcore (first album)
Art punk
Math rock
Progressive Rock
Years Active
Freak Out Management 2007-present (on hiatus)
Associated Acts

Used To Love Her are an experimental hardcore band from London, England. The band was formed by ex-Self Esteem members Fred Sherman and Nicholas Hamm. They achieved success with their platinum debut album If God Could Hear Us, which was released on Eventual Records. On February 2nd, in the band's official website, frontman Fred Sherman announced that the band would take a long rest, but that they weren't breaking up. There are rumours that state that the band reunited again for a couple of shows and are planning to release another album.


Formation and Bastards EPEdit

The band was originally formed between May and June 2007. Fred Sherman, before the formation of the band, played in alternative rock band Plastic December. After the break-up of the band in May, Sherman met his friend Nicholas Hamm and both decided to start a musical project together. Sherman was a friend of famous guitarist Mike Armstrong, who was then a solo artist. He invited Mike to play, and he brought with him guitarist Bob Liberty and vocalist Benjamin Stones (ex-member of local punk band Insanity). They played a few Metallica and Led Zeppelin covers and they found out that they sounded great together.

They managed to put out a three song EP out, entitled Bastards. It was released on June 21st, and sold out a few weeks after its release. One of the songs that appeared in the EP was the original demo of "Love of God (Part 1)" (in the EP its title was "Breaking"), which would later appear in the band's debut album.

The band stop playing when Eduardo Savino invited Sherman and Hamm to form industrial rock band Self Esteem. The project was not cancelled, though.









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