V-Records began with a buy out of KillthePoison from Liam Anderson by Cody Anthony. Cody didnt do much with KillthePoison, and after all most 3 months of ownership, he sold it Electric Roses. But from the ashes, Cody decided to begin his own label. It started as a small venture in St. Louis Missouri but it was when The Rockers joined the label. Over time The Shadows, Lightning Cross, and Till Death Do Us Part joined as well.

Early 2009Edit

In April of 2009, Symphonic Time Cult joined the label. Also in early 2009, V-Records started an interviewing TV show called V-Records Exclusive, and announced two festivals. The first, Rock n Roll Underground was held on March 31st, 2009. The second, Total Annihilation was held over April 5th and 6th, 2009.

Mid 2009Edit

Bands, Hazzardous, The Forgotten, Rendering Chaos, Love Gun, Written in Red, and The Wicker Man all joined the label. Total Annihilation 2 was held in June. On July 6th, The Forgotten, Rendering Chaos, Love Gun, Written in Red, The Wicker Man , [[Symphonic Time Cult]], and [[Till Death do Us Part]] were all released from the label.

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