New Carlisle, Ohio, United States
Post-Hardcore, Math Rock, Hardcore Punk (Early)
James Harris
Christian Allers
Klaus Dietrich
Michael Price
Years Active
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Former Members

VETO is an American Punk Rock band formed in Springfield, Ohio in 2003. The band has released five albums, and consists of James Harris as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Christian Allers as lead guitarist, Ryan Price on bass and Klaus Dietrich on drums. The band name VETO stands for Vengeance Enters The Ordinary, and also represents the political term, which gives power, possibly unlimited, to stop changes, and not to adopt them. Early in their career, the band was known for their "powerful, driving beats and buzz-saw riffs,"[2] mainly due to the release of their first LP, Death of Individuality (2005). VETO released their second album Suicidology in 2006, showing off their musicianship by intricating music stylings and heart-wrenching lyrics in tracks such as "Cynical." Their third studio album Sensory Distortion(2006) was portrayed by many critics as introducing an even more refined sound. It was the first album with drummer Klaus Dietrich, after the departure of Stephen Hatfield earlier that year. Following this was Parliament Logic(2007), which not only solidified VETO as some of the best songwriters in the industry, but was also their top-selling album to date.


Formation and Death of IndividualityEdit

Though James Harris, Christian Allers, and Stephen Hatfield had been making music since high school, it wasn't until 2005, when VETO formed with the addition of Ryan Price. Later that year, VETO signed with Dayton, Ohio independent label Sterile Music and recorded their first album, Death of Individuality.

Suicidology Takes OffEdit

Not long after Death of Individuality, the band returned with the critically aclaimed second album Suicidology. Generally well-received, the album sold over 1 million copies, a first for the band. The album featured three singles, which would launch the band's true fan base.

Sensory DistortionEdit

2006 brought VETO's acclaimed third album, Sensory Distortion. The album was well promoted, and acheived

Departure of Hatfield and Parliament LogicEdit

Following a tour for Sensory Distortion, founding member and drummer Stephen Hatfield left the band indefinitely citing personal issues. In a matter of weeks, VETO selected former Avion drummer Klaus Dietrich to fill the spot. The band headed into the studio and recorded Parliament Logic, the band's final album on now-folded Sterile Music.

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