Various Artists


Jellyfish Records
Roland Bramlin - Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist </br>

Zak Cook - Lead Guitarist and co-songwriter </br> Charlie Palmer - Bass Guitarist </br>

Reggie Lennon - Drums
Active Since
Late 2006 -

Band BiographyEdit

Various Artists are an indie band based in London, known for either perfect or completley "tits up" performances. Riddled with alcohol and drug related incidents, Various Artists, formed by lead vocalist and guitarist Roland  and Adam Wilo lead guitarist, in late 2006. Roland and Adam met in a bar in west London both at the time were small solo artists. After they had added bass player, Thomas Tanner and drummer, Zak Williams, they set off touring small towns around the UK, playing to no more than 100 people at a time. Adam Wilo had wrote some of the fan favourites before even meeting Roland, including, The Wave and Crook In The Hamock. The band have strong ties to controversial Pete Doherty. He frequently joins the band on stage to cover The Libertines. Kyle Falconer, front man from The View, appears on Various Artists' latest Album, "Various Artists" featuring in the song "Last Post" which he co-wrote with Roland Bramlin. The band have also worked with Calvin Harris in the past. Self titles "Various Artists" the latest album peaked at 12 in the charts.

Band MembersEdit

Roland Bramlin Edit

Lead vocalist, guitarist and song writer Roland Bramlin was born in Maidstone, Kent. Born 16/8/1989, Roland says he became shut off from his peers when he took up guitar and wanted to start a band at the age of 13, wanting to follow in the foot steps of Oasis and the like. It is well known Roland has a good reletionship with Pete Doherty, but is quoted as saying he uses him as a good influence rather than a negative one. Pete Doherty and Kyle Falconer are set to feature on Roland's solo album which is in the final stages writing.

Adam WiloEdit

Born 25/1/1988 in Harrow, he is lead guitarist and co-song writer in Various Artists. He grew up with a musical background, taking up guitar at the age of 10. Zak suffers from extremely low confidence and self belief. Most recently in the news for alcohol and drug offences.

Thomas TannerEdit

Born 11/5/1989 in Maidstone, Kent, attended the same school as Roland, his interest in music kicked into gear once he met Roland at guitar lesson's they both attended, Thomas says he never really wanted to be in a band or become a musician until his friendship with Roland started. Thomas found guitar to normal as a youngster and decided to take up bass in Various Artists.

Zak WilliamsEdit

20/12/1987, and the oldest member of the band, is thought of as the wiser member of the four. Roland once described him like a father they can take on tour. He is known for his skill as a drummer and other band members call him a perfectionist.


First Impressions (2007) Edit

1. Song 5
2. Twist And Shout (Cover)
3. Champagne And Cocaine
4. I Wish I Was An Astronaut
5. Wind
6. 19:14
7. You'll Never Fumigate The Demons
8. Glory Days
9. Can't Stand Me Now (Cover)
10. Never Never (Cover)

Various Artists (2009) Edit

1. The Wave
2. A New Dawn
3. Horrorshow Ft. Peter Doherty (Cover)
4. Last Post Ft. Kyle Falconer
5. Crook In The Hamock
6. How They Live
7. My Vision Is So Deep
8. This Is The Story
9. Got Me
10. Appear


You'll Never Fumigate The Demons (2007) Edit

1. You'll Never Fumigate The Demons
2. Fly
3. Can't Stand Me Now (Cover)

Song 5 (2007) Edit

1. Song 5
2. Twist And Shout (Cover)
3. Glory Days

Feel Pain (2008) Edit

1. Feel Pain
2. 19:14
3. Mirrors Edge Ft. Calvin Harris

My Vision Is So Deep (2009) Edit

1. My Vision Is So Deep
2. Last Post Ft. Kyle Falconer
3. How They Live

A New Dawn (2009) Edit

1. A New Dawn
2. Crook In The Hamock
3. Horrorshow Ft. Peter Doherty (Cover)

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